3D City: Wagging Tails

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

The dogs of the Mission, as seen through my Lumix 3D1. (With a bonus shot of a dog and a drone in Columbus Park, that looks weird because developing film can be tricky sometimes)



Dog Fence

It may be Caturday, but it’s been a dog of a week around the Mission Mission offices. Someone wanted a giant dog and we found one. Dogs played soccer with humans in Dolores Park while others were stuck inside.

The pup seen above is peering out of the mailbox hole in his fence on Capp Street. I dunno what he’s waiting for (the November issue of Dog Fancy?) but he was pretty focused on something coming from the North.

PUPDATE: According to “tony perrie” on Flickr: “Little Marriner looks innocent enough, but when he was allowed to run free, he once bit a defenseless kitty for casting a threatening gaze his way. Don’t be fooled by his act.”

Vegansaurus Obsesses About Pi Bar So We Don't Have To


Coming soon: you failing to get some random play over a Tecate and slice of mushroom-black olive

In the post-American Apparel / Mr. Pickles era of Mission blogging, authors are desperate for controversial material to fill our lonely pages.  Luckily, the upcoming “Pi Bar” seems to be providing the necessary blogging fodder.  Since mid June, the new restaurant has had to endure a protest of vegans, a little bit of controversy surrounding the painted-over Suriya Thai mural, and even had to publicly address their neighbors (sounds familiar?).  And the general buzz?  3 posts on vegansaurus!, 3 on Burrito Justice, 5 on Eater SF, 3 on SFoodie, and countless other posts elsewhere.  If blogging was real life, you would have to wait 2 months to get a table.

Clearly, we are missing out on something here.

To bring you up the speed, vegansaurus! has been taking the investigative lead on this topic.  If you have not been acquainted with vegansaurus! yet, it is a quirky Mission-based food blog about eating cupcakes and calling people assholes in caps lock.  vegansaurus! recently placed a phone call to the new establishment to pressure them into making vegan pizza when they accidently uncovered a nefarious plot to open in a few weeks:

“Thank you for calling Pi Bar. We’re looking forward to a mid-August, early September opening; look for us then. Thanks for calling!”

That is pretty much verbatim with some license taken in the fact that we are lazy and didn’t want to call back to get it verbatim, you dig? (link)

(By the way, my post count about “Pi Bar” is now at 2.  I love being a part of something.)

Cutest Taco Ever

Box Dog Bikes has a mascot named Taco, and omg, how cute is Taco!? Link.

Cute Guatemalan Puppies!

Photographer Deb Zeller, who books shows at the Make-Out Room and runs Playing in Fog, just published these photos of some cute puppies she met in Guatemala. Aww! A bunch more here.

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