MM at SXSW: Every band I saw at SXSW 2011

Jack Lawrence of the Greenhornes

Here we go:

  1. Smith Westerns
  2. The Strokes
  3. Devotchka
  4. Phantogram
  5. Cold War Kids
  6. Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers
  7. Yuck
  8. Dirty Beaches
  9. Edwyn Collins
  10. Slutever
  11. The Mean Jeans
  12. tUnE-yArDs
  13. Personal and the Pizzas
  14. Toro y Moi
  15. Cass McCombs
  16. Blood in the Streets
  17. Overnight Lows
  18. Limes
  19. Harlan T. Bobo
  20. John Wesley Coleman
  21. Gangs
  22. Black Lips
  23. Little Dragon
  24. Quintron and Miss Pussycat
  25. Trances Arc
  26. The Strange Boys
  27. The Greenhornes
  28. Lemuria
  29. City and Colour
  30. White Mystery
  31. The Dodos
  32. Screaming Females
  33. Off!
  34. Ted Leo
  35. !!!
  36. Thee Oh Sees
  37. The Dead Milkmen
  38. Odd Future
  39. Bare Wires
  40. Conspiracy of Owls

Forty bands! That’s only 10 less than I saw last year, and last year I was in Austin for way more days. (I’ll post last year’s list after the jump, for reference.)

Some awards:

SXSW was fun! Missed you guys! Wished you were here! Maybe next year?


MM at SXSW: Odd Future are nuts

Is Tyler the Creator going to take his shoes and hat off and leap into the crowd from high atop a speaker rig?

Only one way to find out:

(Spoilers after the jump.)


MM at SXSW: Dead Milkmen’s ‘Bitchin’ Camaro’ intro rant includes praise for Odd Future, what’s wrong with music writing today, why SXSW should take a break, and ‘fuck Zooey Deschanel!’

And they even grab a stage diver and have a quick chat with him. What a treat! Watch:

The Dead Milkmen also announced that they’re working on a new album, and they played a couple songs off it (including one about vegan and suspected terrorist Caitlin Childs), and they were good.

They mentioned excitement over Odd Future several times.

UPDATE: Faithful reader Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable made a correction in the comments:

They RELEASED a new album TODAY. Check out:

Swag! Downloading now!

MM at SXSW: What happens when you decide to ditch your friends on Saturday night and trek off into the suburbs to see Detroit’s Conspiracy of Owls play in some girl’s backyard?

There’s only one way to find out:

(Spoilers after the jump.)



They’re coming to Gilman next month! Oh Sees are opening! Pencil it in!

MM at SXSW: Either Thee Oh Sees implanted a chip in my brain, or they legitimately are the best band in the world right now

Nobody makes me want to dance as much as they do. Nobody makes me forget my troubles the way they do. I see them all the time, and every time is pure joy. Thanks, Oh Sees!

It was cool to see them play today in a megatent packed to the gills with people. Everybody seemed to dig it, especially the kids in the pit.

Note: If the pit area is an actual pit full of soft dusty dirt, and you spend a whole Oh Sees show in the pit, you will become dirt. You cry dirt, you snot dirt, you spit dirt — you bleed dirt.

MM at SXSW: !!! introduce new backing vocalist, Shilpa Ray

Yeah, Shilpa Ray. The Shilpa Ray we mentioned the other day! I told you she was going places. Today was just her second performance with the band, and she nailed it. (I think. I left after three or four songs to go back down the hill for the Oh Sees.)

!!! were bomb as usual.

MM at SXSW: Forlorn Candy Corn t-shirt!

I saw this guy’s shirt and ran up to him, screaming, “I LOVE FORLORN CANDY CORN!”

I explained that I was a fan of the wheatpastes and whatnot we see around SF (and elsewhere) from time to time, and he explained that they’re all done by a dude from Austin (which we already knew I guess), and that a local Austin company called Industry decided to throw it on a t-shirt. Bomb.

What a cute couple though, right? I think we’d just watched Ted Leo and were getting ready to head up the hill for !!!.

MM at SXSW: Surfer Blood is still the bomb

But they’re playing to much bigger crowds than they did last year.

They played a “new song,” and it goes a little something like this:


MM at SXSW: Nobody seems to want these bracelets for the Perez Hilton party

“But Liz Phair is playing.”

“I don’t really care about Liz Phair.”