Vegan Outrage Over New Weird Fish Menu

I’m not vegan, but I enjoy vegansaurus, thus I support vegansaurus’ vegan outrage over the new Weird Fish menu.  Take it away, vegansaurus!:

Sorry, I’m all about fostering open communications and being awesome about local restaurants with vegan options but FUCK YOU, WEIRD FISH. You cannot giveth fried seitan and then taketh away. Oh and replace it with a shaved papaya salad. You can shaved papaya GO TO HELL-A. That doesn’t even make sense but I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW.

Oh yes and no more lunch or brunch. I hate my life.

Yeah!  Get ‘em!  But also: wtf, Weird Fish?

P.S. I’m pretty sure the ‘saurus pictured is Trey Anastasio from Phish. We can assume he’s vegan (hippie!), making him a highly appropriate vegansaurus, right?  Also: Weird Phish?  Not to brag, but I’m SO GOOD at image selection.

47 Responses to “Vegan Outrage Over New Weird Fish Menu”

  1. real missionite says:

    This is almost as classic as the vegantards on yelp complaining first that Mission Burger cooked their vegan burger in oil that had touched meat, and then complained harder when they stopped selling vegan burgers.

    Idiots. How about you don’t go to a place that has a MEAT IN THEIR NAME IF YOU DON’T EAT MEAT.

    Saying “FUCK YOU” to a restaurant because they don’t want to cater to your borderline autistic dietary restrictions? Yep, typical self-absorbed mission bullshit. As if there weren’t more vegan-only restaurants in this city than anywhere else in the world.

    • foon says:

      Words this post demonstrates you don’t know the meaning of:
      * classic
      * vegan
      * ‘tard
      * meat
      * autistic

    • random says:

      Totally, because BURGER IS A TYPE OF MEAT.

      • real missionite says:

        Jesus christ, a list of words that aren’t used exactly as webster approves is the best you idiots could do?

        Learn to make a salient argument, THEN get into semantics.

  2. melissa says:

    I can’t sympathize with anyone freaking out because the world doesn’t cater to their self-imposed dietary restrictions. That being said, it does suck when a favorite dish is removed from a menu and replaced with something less-than-stellar. So I guess I do sympathize?

  3. mockduck says:

    Giving up gluten is the new giving up animal products.

  4. Lynae says:


    Seriously, dude, who cares about the seitan? Fuck seitan. That was the best motherfucking chowder EVER and now it’s gone.


  5. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    I’m not vegan either, and therefore I support the position of the invisible second dinosaur missing from that drawing, which is clearly poking a weird fish-bone up the first dino’s butt.

    And if I were a vegan, I suspect that I, like vegansaurus, would “hate my life” also.

    And, by the way, to Weird Fish: a big FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING DICKS! for telling my wife that you no longer do take-out. If it isn’t true, then you deserve to fail for hiring dick employees, and if it is true, then you deserve to fail for deserting the customers who supported you in the early days.

    In other words, a pox on all your houses!

    • olu says:

      last time i was there, the server informed that they only do take-out if you bring your own containers. something to do with waste/compost/eco whatever.

      is that not still the case?

      • Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

        First of all, when they opened — back when they needed business — the provided take-out containers without a word of protest. Why wouldn’t they? Most places do.

        Second, no, they did not say anything about bringing take-out containers from home the last time I tried to give them money for food. If they had, I would have laughed in their faces. A bazillion restaurants in San Francisco have managed to deal with the new container regs without alienating their base customers, and I think it’s fair to assume that they could, too.

        Third, if they really feel that biodegradable take-out containers cut into their profit-margin so badly that they can’t provide them, they might consider weighing the cost of them versus the loss of early customers. And, if that isn’t convincing enough for them, they might consider charging me for the goddam containers! What is it, 50 cents? I’m already paying premium prices for fish-and-fucking-chips… I’m going to balk at a small take-out fee?!


        Get REAL, Weird Fish. You can’t even please people who LIKE meat, like me. Oh sure, you’ve got customers, for now. I notice that you stopped opening Corner for breakfast, though.

  6. oy oy oy says:

    vegansaurus — dicks to local restaurants that try to do nice things for vegans.

    way to go.


  7. brittney says:

    I have an opinion!

  8. no.thanks. says:

    heh. i know vegans and i know how to cook vegan but this is pretty funny.

  9. Sean says:

    Since when is being a Vegan the same as a physical handicap where one is entitled to access?

    It invites ridicule.

    • Joel says:

      Who said it was the same? All that’s happening here is vegans complaining about the menu changing, not demanding some entitlement. Anyone is allowed to complain about anything they want, that’s the wonder of free speech. And you’re allowed to put up your nonsensical straw man, and I’m allowed to call you on it.

      • TJ says:

        What’s even better than free speach? The free market. If vegans cared so much about the fried gluten they should have bought more of it and WF would have gladly prepped and served it I’m sure.

        The whole “command economy” leanings of loudmouth morons like the ‘saurus and the anti-AA idiots is what’s really grating. Pay for what you want. If something is missing/needed then make it. Stop bitching and start working.

      • foon says:

        I don’t understand why bitching and working have to be mutually exclusive. Seems to me that bitching while working is the American Way.

      • Sean says:

        “You cannot giveth fried seitan and then taketh away.” Sounds like entitlement to me.

        Maybe Weird Fish simply didn’t sell enough of it to warrant keeping it on the menu.

  10. MrEricSir says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s hilarious that people are complaining about the lack of vegan options at a restaurant with the word “Fish” in its name?

    • mcas says:

      Actually, you are an idiot– it’s called ‘WEIRD Fish’ meaning, things other than fish impersonating fish. (They also serve fish, though, FWIW).

  11. fishosaurus says:

    Oh, boo-hoo! These guys have imposed on themselves an incredibly restrictive and inflexible diet, not because a doctor told them to, but just because they want to. And now they’re blaming others for the fact that they’re inconvenienced by this? At a restaurant with Fish in the title? These are the same kind of people that give House of Prime an angry review on Yelp because there weren’t any vegetarian options.

    Guess what? If Seitan was such a hot-seller it would still be on the menu. But instead it seems that most people go to Weird Fish for, um, fish. Try waltzing in at 8 PM tonight without a reservation and see how much this indignant vegan boycott is hurting their business.

  12. x says:

    wow, there is a lot of unwarranted vegan-hate getting thrown down in these comments. I’m not a vegan, but I’m pretty sure vegans are people too, and its seems like lots of these posters were sitting by their computers waiting for some blog to post something about vegans so they could unleash a holier-than-thou righteous wrath on those lowly vegan creatures because of their “incredibly restrictive and inflexible diet…just because they want to”. by that same line of reasoning- fuck people who by organic/local/fairtrade and other sustainatarians, muslims, jews, hindus, cyclists and bike lanes (they should just drive!), and anyone with a conscience or beliefs system. fishosaurus, I’m not sure how you could make these comments, did you also vote McCain?

    • oy oy oy says:

      Except Muslims aren’t demanding non-alcoholic whiskey, Jews aren’t complaining about vegan options at the bacon-dog carts, and cyclists aren’t asking for bike lanes on the ocean.

      There is a respectful way to advocate for veganism. Vegansaurus doesn’t seem to know about it.

      • laura says:

        oy oy oy – i’m sorry for being upset on a vegan blog about vegan options being taken away from a super vegan friendly restaurant. their entire menu is more limited and shittier and less local and that’s what i’m hearing from a lot of people. why don’t i have the right to be annoyed that my favorite things (that were big sellers, i know this as i’m friends with a waitress there) are gone?

        also, what’s the respectful way to advocate for veganism? since you seem like an expert on respect and logic, I’d love to hear it. the nonsense that’s about to come out of your feeble brain and onto the screen should be epic. waiting with my (vegan!) popcorn in hand. um, until i lose interest which might be kinda fast because your writing is kinda SNOOZE.

        I LOVE CAPS LOCK xoxoxo,

  13. It’s common for restaurants (especially one at the caliber, if you will, of Weird Fish) to change their menus on a regular basis.

    • Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

      Especially when those of a certain… caliber, as you say, are more interested in, um, manipulating the market than, ah, behaving like restaurants that want to be a part of the neighborhood for more a few lucrative, sponge-squeezing years.

  14. c says:


  15. jimma james says:


  16. pglace says:


  17. Bugalicious says:

    First of all, this site is pretty fucking lame. 2nd Why the hell are you using a microsoft paint image of TreyDinosaur on ur stupid vegan blog? 3rd, eat some meat you pussies

  18. Trey says:

    I am not a vegan.

  19. dantheman says:




  20. w00k says:

    Trey Dinosaur is a CARNIVORE.

    fuckin retarted vegans

  21. Casey says:

    Pretend persecuted + Pasty + Lack of B12 = Vegan.

  22. I am a vegetarian, Monday through Friday. :) Weekend … That’s another story! :)

  23. Yogaguy says:

    I was sad when they closed down the vast majority of their brunch menu and took away the fish options as well as the plantains and beans. I get they may have to simplify for various meals, but the rest of the breakfast/brunch offerings aren’t things I like when their menu has so many other delicious options. It’s also got great prices and locals. Last time I was there they seemed open to feedback about changing the breakfast/brunch menu so keep sending [constructive]] feedback to them and they’ll get the message.

  24. Yogaguy says:

    And now looking at their website it looks like breakfast and brunch are gone too. Much sadness, they really are very good and have a great price point, or at least they did. Must be struggling if they’re only open 5-11 Mon-sat.

  25. Chris says:

    The new menu starts tomorrow. All of that vegan shit will be gone.

  26. daftfad says:

    I’m not vegan, but I agree with Vegansaurus that it sucks they took away the fried seitan. I definitely was under the impression that it was specifically catering to vegans, too. I might not address it the same way as Vegansaurus, but I see the point. There have been a lot of changes lately and I’ve been less impressed with the food and portions (I miss the buffalo girls!)

    I feel like they went through this last year, where the portions and flavor were kind of meh so I stopped going for a while. Within the last 6-8 months it was really good and I made it a regular date spot for me and the mr. But they’ve definitely gotten rid good items and replaced them with a new and more high-brow menu that just doesn’t taste as good and kind of alienates their customers (like someone said above).

  27. Isaac says:

    Hi. I know the owner of Weird Fish (friend of a friend) so thought I might post a humble comment. They are doing just fine financially, and they did not take seitan, tempe, ect. off the menu because they were poor money-makers. They are attempting to be more local, in that the owner of the restaurant recently moved to a farm (owned by his girlfriend, on the site of her winery) and he wants to begin to rely more on items from the farm. Obviously he is not growing wild fish there, nor is he making tempe for now. So the change in menu was not a financial decision, but indeed a transition towards a new approach to feeding costumers. (Tempe is also very labor-intensive). It is a step in a process. This mentality created the lack of to-go containers as well – sure its a pain in the ass, but many people will order less food because of this, which may be a good thing. Again, he is trying something new and has reasons for doing so. I’m not stoked, but so be it.

    I do not eat fish, meat, or dairy, so am personally unhappy about the new menu. Again, so be it. People have many reasons for dietary choices such as mine – some are health related, some stem from religious beliefs and other soteriological inclinations, and some are a result of political and ecological considerations. I tend to think that judging others for how they live is both unhealthy and, ultimately, not constructive, in that no one’s mind is going to be changed by talking shit. While I personally see little point in complaining, I do not see how a complaint necessarily reflects poorly on a persons life-style choices. The connection between a dietary choice and the impetus to voice discontent is tentative at best, so it seems counterintuitive to press a vegan’s “veganess” because they voiced an opinion. Please consider this.

    Lastly, I will say that we all make choices about our lives – whether to drive or to walk or to sit still, to eat beef or soy or dog, to speak kindly or hatefully or with a little humorous sarcasm. There are no neutral life-styles, so to consider a certain choice somehow sub-normal (ie, “autistic”) begs the question, is eating beef in modern America somehow more normal? Are any life-styles more normal? Just some food (vegetarian, of course) for thought.

    Also, I like the Trey Dino. Thanks for that.

    • Zack says:

      I agree that there is difficulty in finding locally grown soybeans as well as local production of tofu and tempeh (fermented soybeans). However, if I remember correctly, the menu only contained at most two dishes that relied on the soybean as its principle ingredient, neither of which seem to be missed much by the vegan community seemingly in outrage over the menu change. The focus of many arguments seems to be the loss of the seitan dishes, which uses vital wheat gluten and not soy. Wheat and flour dough are locally produced commodities needed for the production of vital wheat gluten and are by no means labor-intensive or costly.

      This restaurant was not just a place with vegan options, it was a spot that I frequented specifically because I thought they had excellent vegan food. I hope the owner understands that now that the dissolution of our favorite vegan options has taken place, I and most likely much of the vegan community that frequented Weird Fish will no longer be customers. Personally, it’s not out of spite, I just can’t eat anything there anymore.

      We may comprise only a minuscule percentage of the population but I think it will have an effect on the restaurant.

  28. Official says:

    Weird Fish is back! Old favorites back on the menu. Check out the menu: Weird Fish is and always has been community minded with local and sustainable principles.

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