Mini Bike Cabaret this Saturday Night

Update! Agent Chaos of The Derailleurs is here to spread the word that there is a Bike Dance Cabaret in town. The Derailleurs will be debuting their Tweed Ride Polo Dance Movie and also the Derailleurs Coloring Book.

Come see what the saucy cyclists have cooked up for you.

Dance performances by the Derailleurs, the Bombshells (punk rock burlesque), and the Cheese Puffs (lounge burlesque)

Live music by The Nerv (hard hitting, straightforward inspirational punk), Jessie Roadkill (quirky singer-songwriter), and Tongue and Teeth (haunting and passionate)

Dance music by DJs Zelko (of Kafana Balkan), Miss Rowdy (booty), and Mega Bitch (more booty)

When: Jan. 30th

Where: The Box Factory 865 Florida #1 @ 21st

How Much: $7

[photo by derailleurs]

4 Responses to “Mini Bike Cabaret this Saturday Night”

  1. Banky says:

    The Box Factory causes cancer, I wouldn’t go.

    • Andrew Sarkarati says:

      you’re naive. delicious charcoal-grilled grass-fed microbrew-coaxed hand-massaged cali-coastline-awed cheeseburgers cause cancer too. live a little.

  2. [...] enough of that. To cheer up the northern troops, there’s a bike cabaret in town, and they’re at the Box Factory [...]

  3. Batson says:

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