Mystery Cushman Spotted?

Could this be the same mystery golf cart that was spotted last month while the mysterious driver was epicly failing a DUI test?  While the speakers did not seem sufficient to blast Public Enemy for all to hear, at least this one comes with a Vespa sidecar.

Could Cushmans become the hipster version of Smart Cars?  They are super easy to park but can’t even go on a highway, just like enjoying the streamlined design of no brake or gear cables while being unable to effectively bomb Potrero Hill (minus the fish-tailing, of course).

Could a future question on the analogy section of the hipster GRE possibly be:


  • smart car : cushman

Ha, Hipster GRE!


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9 Responses to “Mystery Cushman Spotted?”

  1. tack says:

    In my experience the cushmii crowd are all burners and makers who unlike today’s modern hipster don’t dress like and aspire to be Joe Dirt. And the Interceptor models CAN go on the freeway.

  2. salsamaphone says:

    Sounds like the golf cart DUI dude was driving an actual golf cart. Not a Cushman. Anybody know where to get a Cushman like this, or how they’re licensed and smogged?

  3. no.thanks. says:

    know what?!

    shut the fuck up.

    it 2010 and niggas is still saying ‘hipster’?

    shut up asshole.

  4. LeCoop says:

    When did it become cool to just say nigga arbitrarily? The reference to “hipsters” was just sooo GAY!