Your second chance to live in a church across from Dolores Park

Boy, you sure blew it by not ponying up $7 million to buy that crazy church-turned-house across from the park last year. Now it’s gone to a boring society-benefiting cause like education.

Don’t worry, your second chance may be on the way. Reclaimed-church mogul Siamak Akhavan (who also converted 601 Dolores), hopes to give a 4-unit residential makeover to the Second Church of Christ, Scientist on 20th and Dolores. Yes, the dome would be converted to a unit and good luck finding dome-friendly picture frames.

Fun fact: Christian Science has absolutely nothing to do with actual science.

More over at Curbed SF.

[photo via wallyg]

10 Responses to “Your second chance to live in a church across from Dolores Park”

  1. Ha Ha says:

    “Fun fact: Christian Science has absolutely nothing to do with actual science”

    Yes but the Monitor was a decent rag back in the day

  2. MrEricSir says:

    I thought the dome was on the verge of falling in? Is this remodel going to fix that?

    • GG says:

      Hey, given the competition for housing in SF right now, they could probably get away with using “Roof is currently more than 50% stable!” as a selling point.

  3. Brillo says:

    you could go farther and say “Christian Science is neither Christian nor science.”

  4. MrEricSir says:

    Lucille Bluth: Well, apparently, mood-altering medication leads to street drugs. That’s what this very handsome young doctor said on the Today Show.

    Michael Bluth: That was Tom Cruise, the actor.

    Lucille Bluth: They said he was some kind of scientist.

  5. Meganlzg says:

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  6. Phil says:

    These folks sold their church to concentrate on street ministry that is changing lives every day in the Mission and beyond. Christian Science is the science of loving as Christ did-to understand and follow the principles Christ demonstrated for us- and heal ‘all manner of sickness’. It is hard and diligent work to pray effectively, as the Bible stories indicate, but experiencing Christian healing is a life-changing event. visit the church and meet some people who can share their experiences!

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