How the city plans to maintain order in the Mission on Super Bowl Sunday

Mayor Ed Lee and SFPD Chief Greg Suhr came to the neighborhood to tell merchants all about their plan. Mission Local reports:

SFPD is doubling the number of officers on the street during the game compared to the force deployed after the World Series, Suhr said.  Rather than wait until the game ends, forces will be pre-deployed during the game along major thoroughfares including Market Street, Hayes Street, 16thStreet, 24th Street and Mission Street.

During the World Series, people put their garbage out and bins were overflowing, offering fuel for bonfires.  This time, officials are working with Department of Public Works to empty cans every hour during the game.

After 5 pm on Sunday, buses will no longer run along transit lines, but use diesel fuel so they can carve alternate routes around celebrations and avoid any crowds blocking the streets.

Can’t wait! Also, a threat:

In a veiled warning to Super Bowl revelers, Chief Suhr said: “Carry yourself as if you’re on television, because somebody is probably be videotaping you.”

“Know that if you’re acting out, someone is going to have a video camera and they’re going to send it to us,” Suhr added. “  Don’t let this be a life-changing experience.” [link]

Well, I for one, I mean, I’ve always wanted to be on TV!

10 Responses to “How the city plans to maintain order in the Mission on Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. scum says:

    Good, keep the punks in check.

  2. nofishtoday says:

    Been saving my old mattress for this one.

    • mike says:

      love this comment. i moved to ny and people here dont know how to have a good time

      • Boney Bob says:

        Sshhh! Don’t tell nofishtoday, but we’re going to tie him to the mattress, dowse it with gasoline, and hand him the matchbook. Let’s see if he REALLY knows how to have a good time!

  3. surlyinsf says:

    hey chief suhr–be sure to tell your officers to carry themselves as if they’re on television, because somebody is probably be videotaping them. sunday, and always.

    • Travis says:

      The officers might not have much to worry about, given relatively few of them have been caught setting a muni bus on fire.

  4. en-Chu Lao says:

    The best way for revelers to avoid ugly confrontations is to take it to the streets of Pacific Heights. Why should they have to commute to all the happenings?

  5. MarinaKing says:

    WOAH, WOAH! Our mayor is Chinese? I thought Lee was a Russian last name? There go my hopes for more Armani Exchange outlets in the city!

  6. MIke says:

    It would throw everybody off if people started rioting in Noe Valley.