The long BART ride home from the furry convention


After the fur has finally finished flying and the terrifying anthropomorphic animal heads have come off, it’s time to reflect on one’s life choices.

And now for some cats

And Primo!



New parklet on 22nd and San Jose being designed by the guy who made the largest mural in the city

Who would of course be Brian Barneclo, the artist behind the massive 60 foot Systems mural by the Caltrain station, as well as the newer one by Foods Co.  His new work emulates the same style, but on a much smaller scale, of course.  On the other hand, it’s a lot easier to sit inside!  Stop by and take your turn on the Soapbox, and then check out some of his other rad work at the neighboring Luna Rienne gallery.  Check it out, there’s even a mini court!


Thursday morning music moment: Luke Sweeney gets beat up by Social Studies and tossed by Two Gallants

This one begins at the beach, exactly in the spot where YOU should have been last night because it was so damn hot, then hops on over to Secret Studios to hang out with ALL THE BANDS.  Guest-starring the aforementioned Social Studies, Two Gallants, and a whole bunch of other rad SF bands, this little ditty should help you make it through this sultry day.  And if you want to hear more, Luke’s playing again on Friday, May 30th at the Starry Plough.

Btw, for those of you loving this lovely Ocean Beach bonfire weather, know that your days of burning desiccated Christmas trees on the beach may be numbered if the National Parks Service goes through with their proposed ban on bonfires after 9pm.  WE MUST NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.

Celebrate Mother’s Day early tonight at the Knockout!




$3 drinks for the ladies and moms get in free!  Check out all the details here.

Oh shit, is it really Bike to Work Day tomorrow?

Looks like it’s arrived early this year!  Be sure to be extra cautious during your ride tomorrow since there’ll be a ton of rookie riders making their tentative first commute on our city streets, and try not to get mad when you get repeatedly cut off by clueless first-time cyclists.  After all, the ultimate goal is for everyone to eventually stop being wussies and start biking to work every day, so let’s all try to be as supportive as possible!

And if you play your cards right, you might just encounter a magical moment like this:

Thankfully Mission News was right there

Chilling mural outside Galeria de la Raza depicts a bleak outlook for the youth of the Mission

[Photo by Kyle]

Jonathan Richman only buys one kind of cheese from Rainbow Grocery

And our pal Andreas was more than happy to indulge him:

After 8 years of working at the Rainbow Grocery Co-op Cheese Department it’s finally happened: I got to sell cheese to Jonathan Richman !!! It’s maddening because I see him in the aisles every couple of weeks but he’s always gone by the time I get out there to “front.” Today I finally found out why; he buys one cheese and one cheese only: Redwood Hill Raw Goat Feta.

I was restocking our sample table earlier today when I saw him flitting down the aisle towards me. He moved like a meerkat, making a beeline (meerline?) for the aforementioned feta. I played it cool, continuing to restock and avoid direct eye contact while I used my typical icebreaker: “Finding all your cheese alright today?” Breathlessly, he replied “Oh yeah, I love this stuff! Buy it every week.” “It’s good!” I said, smiling at him for a quick moment.

It would have been and remained a totally mundane encounter if not for the very last second, when he walked away from me and said, under his breath, “One love.”

Of course, this caused everyone to reminisce about their own encounters with Mr. Richman, and by the sound of them, he sounds like quite the guy!

Andrea:  I waited on him at the Egg & I– he was everything I could have imagined and more! I sat & had a smoke with him & he gave me a bunch of comps to first ave. what a guy!!!!!

Jenny:  when I worked in Philly, I did “hospitality” for him. He had $300 for a budget, what did he want? a six pack of non-alcoholic beer and a bottle of water. then he played for me for an hour at sound check. one of my best memories.

Kelly:  I got called down from the break room to help him once. He had watched a show on tv the night before about when “baby cows get to stay with the mommy cows” and he wondered if Parmigiano came from that.

Jonathan Richman, everybody!

[Photo via Night Fog Reader]

Thursday morning music moment: Luke Sweeney

I can’t stop listening to this haunting melody from our pal Luke Sweeney.  It kind of reminds me of the Kinks, but at the same time establishes its own distinct sound.  I guess I’ll just have to go and check out more of his stuff on May 1 when he’s playing at the Eagle!

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