Survival Adaptations art opening at Adobe!

When you’re on your way back from hearing some of the Bay Area’s finest rockers doing their thing Phono del Sol today, stop on by at Adobe Books on 24th for a rad art opening focusing on what the recent changes to the city mean to artists:

Survival Adaptations at Adobe Books Backroom Gallery will highlight artistic preservation and strategies for maintaining an artistic presence in San Francisco. The works in this exhibition take an innovative and tenacious approach to adapting to the restrictions and challenges of remaining in the city.

Adobe Books recently faced an eviction due to rising real estate prices, but weathered the storm and relocated with the support of book lovers and artists. Similarly Root Division is currently transitioning to a new location this summer, and sees the renovation of a new facility as the opportunity to be an anchor for artists and educators in the city. One survival tool we have found to be of utmost importance for our organizations is the ability to collaborate and work together in crisis.

Check out all the details here.

The absolute WORST way to start a road trip

As our pal Michael notes, “That tape player has been steady freddy for like 20 years!”

[Photo by Jack Ipekjian]

The Debaser crew makes their triumphant return to the Make Out Room tonight with Last Nite!

So get ready to dance!

It’s like we ate Pitchfork, stole your iPod and then rode off on your track bike.

Check out all the details here.

When San Francisco eventually becomes Palo Alto, all of the dogs will wear shoes

Shoes for dogs.


They say a car loses half of its value the moment it’s driven off the dealer’s lot


Looks like these folks took that just a little too seriously…

Tipped and tagged


Oh, the indignity of being a porta-potty.  They can’t all be pagoda-potties!


I know everyone’s already planning on getting real evil tonight, what with the full moon and Friday the 13th super fun combo and everything, but be sure to save some of that sin for tomorrow. And please, for the love of god, watch out for werewolves wearing hockey masks.

You’ve been warned.

The safest bicycle parking spot in the whole city

Right on the illustrious corner of 6th and Mission.  What do you think, guys?  Is it still there?

The long BART ride home from the furry convention


After the fur has finally finished flying and the terrifying anthropomorphic animal heads have come off, it’s time to reflect on one’s life choices.

And now for some cats

And Primo!



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