Mission Vegan: Cool as ice (cream)

Now that the weather is getting somewhat warmer, I thought that this might be a good time to direct your attention to the best cold vegan treat in the city. No, it isn’t Humphrey Slocombe’s soap-or-Robitussin flavored sorbets.* It’s the soy gelato at La Copa Loca on 22nd and Capp!!! The flavors are pretty limited; generally, they’ll have vanilla, espresso and chocolate available. According to their site, they also have hazelnut, but I’ve never seen it! You can also get La Copa Loca soy gelato in milkshake form at the St. Francis Diner.


Mission Vegan: SF Vegan Drinks tonight!


The fine folks at VegNews are holding their monthly SF Vegan Drinks happy hour at Dr. Teeth tonight. The menu looks amazing, but fried beets seem kind of weird. But damn, they’ll have vegan piña coladas! And lots of other fried goodness!

I’ve only been to SF Vegan Drinks once and that was way back when it was at Martuni’s. I don’t remember there being any food, but the drink special was some sort of orange creamsicle martini thing. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but holy hangover hell. Anyways, I will try and make it out to a Vegan Drinks at Dr. Teeth one of these days…but not tonight! Yeah, I’m a shitty vegan.

Mission Vegan: Hella Vegan Eats at Dear Mom this Saturday!

[Ginny is taking over the Mission Vegan column from Caroline, who moved away for medical school. She loves cats, metal, and kale.]

I’ve only visited Dear Mom for the booze, but I’m well-aware that they also serve food. The problem is that those weekly pop-up dinners, as crazy and creative as they are, are pretty heavy on the meat and cheese. That’s all good for my omnivorous friends, but for a vegan lush like myself, I need something to stabilize all that Maker’s. Sad Vegan™ no more:  This Saturday, Hella Vegan Eats is hosting a pop up dinner and I’m hella excited.

Here’s the Facebook invite!!! Come say hi…if you dare!


New York hardcore lives on at 19th and SVN

Somebody very nostalgic for the good ol’ days of hardcore decided to demonstrate his or her style on the sidewalk near Benders. Does Benders have Cro-Mags on the jukebox? That would be cool.


Free kitten(s)

The SPCA announced via Facebook that it is waiving the adoption fee for all kittens under six months until June 30th! If you’ve always wanted to adopt a kitten, but balked at the adoption fees, this is your chance to partake in the joy that is cat ownership. To get you pumped up, here’s a clip of the band Free Kitten at the MTV Beach House in 1994. Kittens!!!

[Photo via the SFSPCA Facebook]


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