Mission Bicycle Festival: Like a Mini-Interbike for the Neighborhood

The Mission Bicycle Festival commenced this past Sunday despite the efforts of concerned NIMBYs and was (as SF Citizen would proudly say) a huge success, thanks in part to the beautiful 80 degree weather and diligently organized volunteer corps.  Locally crafted bike gear by artisans and vendors such as Box Dog Bikes, Rickshaw Bagworks, and Mission Workshop were on full display in a friendly environment that was far less daunting than the massive Interbike convention I checked out in Vegas last week:

(BTW, way better Interbike photos can be found over at Box Dog Blog)

Thanks to the Mission Bicycle Company for organizing such a wonderful representation of velo-culture in the neighborhood (and the Women’s Building too, of course)!  While I wasn’t brave enough to enter the trackstand competition to compete for a brand new Valencia frameset, it was still cool to witness along with the bunny hop contest and unicycle basketball.

Also, I’m pretty sure Interbike didn’t have a S’mores-cycle!

See you next year!

Mission Bicycle Festival Next Weekend

Mission Bicycle Company is hosting the first ever Mission Bicycle Festival on the weekend of 9/25. The event will feature a ride out to the Tour De Fat in Golden Gate Park, bike demos, and contests.

This may be particularly interesting to you Mission readers: at 1pm on Saturday 9/25 there will be a “10 Mission Secrets Bike Tour”! What kind of secrets, I wonder? The location of that sketchy flea market where you can buy back your stolen bike? That hidden warp zone that takes you to the top of Potrero hill? Guess you’ll just have to sign up for one of the limited spots to find out.

There will also be a track stand competition at 3pm on Sunday 9/26. The prize is a brand new Valencia frame set. So if watching a bunch of riders sit almost perfectly still is your idea of sport, be sure to check that out.

The flyer is here and you can get more info at Mission Bicycle Company. Oh by the way, they are having a sale wrapping up today where you can get up to $180 off a customized and likely effeminately-colored ride. Check out their facebook page for more info.

Call For Art That Can Be Thrown From Bicycles

Papergirl SF is teaming up with Mission Bicycle Company for a cool art show of work that can be rolled up and delivered from bikes.

From Papergirl SF:

In the style of American paperboys, rolled art pieces are distributed in the streets to random passers-by for FREE!

Mission Bicycle Co. has offered to be a drop off site for submission (deadline is September 18th) and they are going to host an exhibition of all the work in the Women’s Building on September 26th. So if you don’t mind having your awesome art thrown at strangers on the street, get to work.

Remember, the medium must be deliverable via bike. Don’t just submit flyers for your band’s next show. That would be sort of lame.

Tube Wallets

I never know what to do with old bicycle inner tubes. I mean, you can only be Rambo for Halloween a couple of times before it gets old. Usually they end up in a box with CD spindles, strips of fabric, and other junk that falls under the nebulous “future art project” materials collection. Somebody should remind me that I don’t actually do art projects.

So it’s a good thing Mission Bicycle Company just got these swell mini-wallets that are made from recycled tubes. Seems like a cool idea for those of you interested in lowering your rubber footprint:

This super thin wallet is perfect for a night out or a training ride when you don’t need to carry every card you own.

  • Fits in your front pocket
  • Pocket for folded cash
  • Pocket for credit cards
  • Window for your ID

What do you do with your old tubes?