Get your Jack off

You’ve probably heard that Adobe Books had to leave their 16th Street location recently, and relocated to a new location on 24th Street. You’ve probably also heard that Jack Spade, an upscale retail store that is a spin off of Kate Spade which is a subsidiary of Liz Claiborne, was planning to move into Adobe’s old location well before Adobe had even publicly conceded to leaving. (For reference, check out Kevin’s reporting here)

Well, a bunch of “Valencia Corridor” businesses are opposing Jack Spade as a formula retailer brand from a multinational company, and therefore not a part of the Mission community. The opening of a store like this will pave the way for more companies to take root in the neighborhood, and push out the local businesses. Makes sense to me.

I’d also add that they really only appeal to a certain kind of well moneyed, overly groomed young urban professional scenester, but that’s pretty much the Valencia Corridor in a nutshell.

Anyway, you can sign their petition here, and the event should be fun, with proceeds going to “support the Stop Jack Spade campaign”.

Dawn Penn pre-party at the Makeout Room tonight

First of all, if you don’t know Dawn Penn, she is the singer on this classic reggae scorcher (which uses the tritone to great effect):

She’s playing in Oakland at the Uptown (not to be confused with the bar on Capp St.) tomorrow night, backed by the bay’s own ska rocksteady group Franco Nero.

There’s a pre-party tonight from 10pm-2am the Makeout Room, with the always boss DJs from SF Vintage Reggae Society and Revival Soundsystem. Blackwell rum is sponsoring it with rum tastings, if you’re into the two drinks that can be made with rum.