Department of Public Works defines what is and isn’t art

Art is a tricky thing to define. As we all know. Or maybe we don’t. I find it a lot easier to recognize what is art than what isn’t. Today I got into a debate with a Twitter account for DPW’s Zero Graffiti program. What strikes me the most about Zero Graffiti SF‘s argument here is the implication that acknowledging that something is art is to condone it or qualify it in a positive way. I understand that the city doesn’t want people tagging where they’re not supposed to (pretty much everywhere), but I wonder why they won’t call it art. Or rather, why they specifically decide to say that it’s not.

San Francisco Gold Rush Hipster

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Woody in the Mission

Now that word’s all over (internet) town that Woody Allen is filming his new movie here in SF and even specifically in the Mission at times, and we’ve even argued over which one of us may actually be Woody Allen, some are beginning to wonder, what does Woody in the Mission sound like?

“Ping pong is so tiring, all the running around the table, I want a calmer sport, like getting home from Dear Mom with my wallet still in my pants.” – Woody Allan Hough.

Bad Business Near Garfield Park

Happening now, according to the real Nick Fisher.

Nick Fisher, obviously)

UPDATE: More pics from Nick. And he adds: “Officer involved shooting @ Garfield Park. Two men hospitalized, pretty sure neither were cops”

Double Shooting in Garfield Park