Sea Creature Pins

The squid and the seahorse are great, but the learned fish guzzling hooch is without peer. Got these at Paxton Gate the other day.

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When It Rains It Pours

I’ve always wanted to vote for a female presidential candidate, I’ve always wanted to vote for a black presidential candidate, and I’ve always wanted to vote for Matt Gonzalez in a national race.

Link to that picture of Matt and Joe Strummer.

Billboard Liberation Front Delivers a Beauty in the Mission

As much as I liked Wes Anderson’s AT&T commercials, I like this Billboard Liberation Front effort even better.

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The Big Word Project: "Mission" Means Mission Mission

The Big Word Project is selling definitions. Choose any word in the English language, and for $1 per letter, you can buy a word and assign your website as the definition. I got “mission”. As of press time, “horseshit” is still available.

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Stone Got Glass Fucked By Your Mom With Love In The Men's Room At 12 Galaxies

This is the last one, we promise. If the city manages to curb public displays of graffiti via a monetary reward for tattletales, we’ll always have rock club men’s room walls. This gem got took in the shitter at 12 Galaxies.

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Stencil Graffiti: In The City We Trust

If snitchy-snitch crackdownin’ puts the freeze on the aforementioned “high-concept” anti-”yuppie” posters, fine. But “In The City We Trust” is a decidedly affirmative message, and not bad looking. Please don’t call the cops on this work of art’s creator. Caught this on the wheel well of an outbound 49-Mission. 

Previously on Mission Mission: Rat-for-Cash Initiative Bad for Art?

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Does Having Disposable Income Enough To Keep One's Self In Glossy Black Construction Paper And Professional-Quality Gold Paint Pens Make One a Yuppie? Perrrrrrhaps.

“Keep yuppies out of da Mission District?” It just seems like a lot of leisure time and a lot of capital went into this project. Photographed on the outskirts of said district, at the J-Church stop at San Jose & Randall.

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Cute Cartoon Animals Fucking On Muni

If the city really starts paying snitches to dime on graffiti writers, citizens might could be robbed of future opportunities to see cute cartoon squirrels and hornets fucking doggy-style on the bus! Again, came across these old shots yesterday morning whilst looking for archived Ribitys. Originally photographed in the rear half of an outbound articulated 14-Mission.

Previously on Mission Mission: Rat-for-Cash Initiative Bad for Art?

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Valencia Street Art Wall

Going through some old stuff looking for a photo to accompany this morning’s Rat-for-Cash Initiative post, I came across the following, detail from the art wall on Valencia between 23rd & 24th, shot a couple years ago:

…and it reminded me that Saturday was the last day of (de)Appropriation Project Archive at Southern Exposure, and I totally missed it. Luckily, the project is all online, here. Anyway, this thing, it was American flags and I think maybe bombs or something raining down on the Morton Salt girl, seen here:

(thanks Wikipedia)

Bars of the Mission: Beauty Bar Part II

Whoever reads my posts in the blogosphere might think that I am a mean, pretentious person. But I’m truly not – many things I call out tend to be true! Just two days after posting “Bars in the Mission: Beauty Bar & Delirium”, I received a text message from my co-worker who recently moved from her home town of San Diego to San Francisco. I quote: “We’re going to Puerte Allegre for margaritas and Mexican food, then we’re going to hit up a few bars.” Now, I keep my blogging hidden from my co-workers, for fear they might discover my awesomeness, so I doubt she read my blog post. However, I must make a slight retraction in regards to the Beauty Bar. I have been there a few more times since the post (for Black Lip Jared’s DJ set and Detroit Soul Thursday), and I must admit that before 10pm, the bar is pretty cool. The people are decent, the bar is not crowded, and the place isn’t stinky. They also have some cool music. The shitty DJs and the “mission ghetto” (as some of the regulars call the clientele) arrive after 10pm. So Katie’s Love-Hate relationship summary: go for Happy Hour, but not for a night out.