Tartine Wielding Hipster vs. Mythical Beast: Sidewalk Showdown

Screen shot 2009-10-29 at 9.54.29 AM

I’ve been seeing this oversized cow around Dolores Park lately, casually walking over lounging boys and girls like ants.  Now he’s terrorizing people just trying to enjoy the simple pleasures of a six-dollar quiche.

(photo by moirabot | photo hat tip sfhaps)

PBR Light?


Carlos Reyes peeped this shit recently (warning: mp3 auto-play):

what the fuck. no thanks. that’d be like drinking water light

A quick Google query indicates they’ve been making this for a few years now.  How have I never seen this before?  Also, this photo reminds me of the Enterprise accelerating to light speed, which is pretty much what happens to my personality whenever I drink a few of these.

Sundown Roof-Jumper


I’m going against my better judgment and posting this.  Kat’s post has the full story.

(Pic by lil_tuffy)

Suicide Watch Shuts Down Valencia

Aw, fuck.  Unrelated to Trauma filming, Andy writes in with some news from Valencia:

Its kind of a sad and haunting story but on my way home 16th and Valencia was closed off because there is a jumper sitting on the roof.  I hope to god that he doesnt jump and that he is able to work things out.  Its really a bummer and is kind of scary to see in real life.

Oy.  Have also heard people on the scene are taking cell phone pics and cracking jokes.  Quit being assholes.

Free Chocolate For Commuters


Heads up: volunteers from the Bay Area Fair Trade Coalition and TransFair USA will be handing out free Divine Chocolate Thursday evening from 5-7 p.m. outside of four BART stations:  24th & Mission, Montgomery, Rockridge and Ashby Street.

Divine is  a fair trade-certified chocolate and it’s Fair Trade Month so, you know, do the math and go get it.

Trauma in the Mission


Rumor has it NBC’s Trauma was filming today in Dolores Park and around 19th and Valencia.  Anyone see any cool explosions/emergecy rescues?

Power Outage Impacts Halloween Costume Shopping

Jackson, via email, hits us with this craptastic news:

A power outage has hit Thrift Town and a couple of other shops near Mission and 17th, impacting Halloween costume shopping plans until at least tomorrow.

Anything left in the bathroom overnight will be given away to the crackheads

Crackheads, peep this free-shit bonanza:



I love it when our oppressors try to relate and bro-down with us via hip spellings like “thanx.”  That shows they “get it.”

Found at 17th and Hoff by Cranky Old Mission Guy.

Man Shanked at 22nd and Bartlett


CBS is all over the news that someone was stabbed at 1am this morning.  I guess the new froyo place is not keeping away the crime.  Whoops.

Jay's Cheesesteak Finally Gets Vegan Mayo

A tipster informs us the Jay’s Cheesesteak, the best sandwich place in the Mission (sorry, Mission Burger), has finally added vegan mayo to their menu.  No price difference.  Huge taste difference.