Tonight: We All Live Here SF

Julie Michelle’s awesome project I Live Here: SF gets put where it belongs tonight, in a gallery*. As you probably know, she’s been photographing various people around San Francisco, telling their stories visually, and then letting them tell their own stories in words.

It sounds like she’s been working her tuchus off at nearby Dickerman Prints to make sure all the prints are just right. Come by SOMArts (934 Brannan St.) tonight between 6 and 9pm to see Julie in person. Artist’s talk is at 6:15, so you may want to go straight from work.

Allan from Mission Mission

Our fearless leader, Allan, by Julie.

Our previous coverage includes Allan, Armand, Brittney, Beth, Plug 1 (Troy) and me.

*That’s right. Torn off the internet and put up on gallery walls, where important stuff goes. Oh, you think your little tweets belong on the walls of the Louvre? Nope. They belong in the garbage. Sorry, but it had to be said. Tweet that.

Armand Lives Here Too

Mission Local‘s own Armand Emamdjomeh joins the ranks of Julie Michelle’s official San Francisco residents, as the newest subject of I Live Here SF. Read about his journey and check out Julie’s great pictures featuring Armand and the sexy Mission District back alleys.

Speaking of Julie, you should also check out her efforts to gather diapers in support of HAMO (Help A Mother Out), explained here, on her blog.

Who should be the next I Live Here SF subject? I vote for Johnny0.

Across The Mission

Troy Holden, photographer from the supergroup Caliber and formerly Plug 1 (I can stop saying that now, right?) has really been tearing it up lately and before Brittney can . . . okay, never mind, she already posted this, but I still wanted to put it up. It’s a view of our neighborhood, and I get to do that. Just look at it for a moment, please. It’s amazing.
At This Hour Of The Day
I usually only put up my own pics, but even my ego’s not large enough to hold this one back.