Eulogy for Lark in the Morning

Reading Brolores Park is better than watching The Office on Hulu:

As mayor and former next door neighbor to Lark In the Morning, I feel I must say a few words in eulogy.

Lark in the Morning was a store for bros. Not regular mnstrm bros, but bros who truly understand what it means to be authentic. Bros could be seen going in and out of Lark in the Morning from morn til night, seeking authenticity in the form of banjos, ukeleles, bagpipe reeds, and all other manner of authentic musical instruments. Walking into the store was like walking into one’s ancestral bro home. The ceiling and walls weren’t all corporate and bare, but instead looked like something you’d find in a locked, hidden room in a Scottish castle, being a bower of wood, string, and pipes.

Living next to Lark in the Morning gave me a sense of connection to the authentic brommunity, as it must have to all the bros who larked about its doors. Lark in the Morning, u will be missed. May your stores lark in the heavens with medieval banjo accompaniment. <3 U /// MISS U /// R.I.P.


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Family Circus Lovers a Must

For those of you who do not believe Brolores Park is real life, this just popped up on Craigslist:

All cuddlers welcome, cute cuddlers only though. – 25 (mission district)

Date: 2009-10-04, 10:49PM PDT

Hello, we are four handsome young gentlemen who are looking for some lovely young ladies to come over and keep us company. We have a spectacular entertainment set up. Let me walk you through it:

An Xbox 360: We can play video games, watch dvds, talk to our friends over the headset, WIRELESS controller.

Netfix streaming: Yup, thats right. Over 500 movies at our fingertips ladies. Anytime. All day with that shit.

A Flat screen TV: Say what??

Dolby surround sound speakers: We cans hear all kinds of shit.

Airtunes: My fucking laptop WIRELESSLY connects to the surround sound speakers. Music all day ladies, all day.

So much more: couches, table, dvds, hallway, kitchen, bathrooms, backyard, cherry tomatoes.

Our ages vary from 24 to 25, we live in the mission.

One of us has a queen size bed with 400 thread count sheets, in case you get tired from all the FUN!

Family Circus lovers a must.