Mission burrito blind taste test

All this talk about the best burrito in the city seems to have whet the appetite of more than a few folks, including our pal Emily who had some friends visiting and used the opportunity to engage in a blind burrito taste test to systematically decide on the best vegetarian burrito in the Mission (because we all know the best vegetarian burrito in the city has already been crowned).  Sounds like a rad way to spend a sunny day in the park!  Check out the results (including a winner with which we’re quite comfortable) and astute methodology here.

And if you ever happen to get tired of the Mission (I know, blasphemy), Emily’s blog, Butter Date, offers another nice look into hanging out in Oakland should you ever feel the need to traverse across the bay.  Go forth and conquer!

New York-style burritos now available in the Mission

Reader sinkstuart spotted this NY-inspired burrito at Taqueria Vallarta. The “Manhattan” features carrots, red pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini. Zing! This is clearly a subtle jab at New York. Well played, Vallarta.

If this menu is a bit too experimental for you don’t worry, head over to their taco corner for tripas, lengua, and cabeza stewing in their juices. Best damn tacos in town, even if they are $1.75 now.