Cat Radio

Mission-based Pirate Cat Radio has been through some tough times. Last year, they were fined $10,000 by the FCC and forced to limit their streams to the internet exclusively.

Now they have an unique opportunity to take the “Pirate” out of “Pirate Cat” and get a legitimate FM license. Yup, they want to become a real, legal radio station. Does this mean we’ll be hearing more Red Hot Chili Peppers on their playlists? Because, let me tell you, I just don’t get enough of those guys on the radio.

The only obstacle is an astronomical fee of $60,000. In two weeks. If they had a soundboard, this is where they would cue the reverse slide whistle.

They’re going to have to sell a shit-ton of coffee to get there, but you can help them out on their kickstarter campaign. Pledging $25 gets you a T-shirt and a sticker. So if you like what they do, help them out and wish them luck.

[More info at Pirate Cat Radio]

DANCE PARTY Pirate Cat Radio Benefit at Blue Macaw TONIGHT!!!

We’re always happy to report something positive at the Blue Macaw, that oft-embattled new venue at the old 12 Galaxies place, so I’m sure you can imagine me sitting here pooping more rainbows than SF’s schizophrenic “now it’s raining/now it’s not” weather has over the last few days.  Couple that with a benefit for our favorite under-siege radio station (RIP Energy 92.3–although MOVEiN 99.7 has picked up the slack quite diligently) and you’ve got something to do on a Wednesday night!

This one should be rather fun, too, since it’s a 50′s and 60′s OLDIES and SOUL NIGHT DANCE PARTY hosted by Pirate Cat DJs PsychoKat, Voodoo Idol, and Starbuck!  And don’t worry if you suck at dancing, because Brian Gardner of the Mission’s own Swing Goth will be on the scene with his innovative fun not frustration teaching technique.

The fun starts at 7pm tonight, with dance lessons starting at 7:30 at the Blue Macaw on Mission and 21st.  Admission will be on a $5-20 sliding scale, depending on your generosity.  Keeping in proper sock-hop theme, alcoholic Root Beer Floats will be served as well!  Nobody tell the chaperons!!!


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