Eroding Consumer (Confidence)

Ominous Walgreens Ad

I don’t know what it is about this Walgreens window ad, but for some reason I don’t really . . . want what they . . . oh, it’s because the parents’ faces are melted off.

Your Parents Could Be This Gross

Maybe they’re advertising those sunglasses from They Live.

Free Samples at Arizmendi Today

Still haven’t decided what to get for lunch yet and happen to be in the Mission area?  Why not stop by the new Arizmendi Bakery on Valencia by 23rd, where the friendly staff is currently dispersing free samples of their delectable pastries and pizza to anyone who happens to be walking by.

Although they’re not really opening until next week or so, the crew was hard at work in the back training to make sure they make it out of the gates as flawlessly as possible.  This is a great opportunity to get taste why we’re so lucky to have this awesome Co-op in our neighborhood!  Favoring the savory over sweet this morning, I opted for one of their signature ‘potatoes on pizza’ focaccia  and was not disappointed.  Give it a shot!

Volleybonk! in Dolores Park Explained in Video

We were first hipped to this phenomenon last year when it was still a mostly guerrila operation, but it looks like they’ve gotten themselves fairly organized by now, as reader Janel shares:

A mix of tennis & volleyball with a yoga ball

They play every Sunday @ 8:30 pm on the tennis courts at Dolores Park (18th and Dolores). They are done when the lights go off @ 10:15. Join the mailing list by emailing at volleybonksf(at) Feel free to bring friends, dogs, drinks and mix cd’s.

And Pauly Shore.

Check out the helpful “promo” video that explains the rules and offers a glimpse into the tactical strategy needed to succeed in this blistering nascent sport.  I can’t see this going the way of SF Bike Polo (forced to relocate to 21st and Shotwell due to the fact that neighbors complained their bicycle tires scuffed up the tennis courts) unless it can be proven that a giant yellow yoga ball (or Pauly Shore) is somehow also bad for tennis.



Bike Polo

Dolores Park Bike Polo Crackdown

Letter Matching

fig. A

I was just wondering, as I walked around the other night, if the sign at Skylark (fig. A) and the letters hanging in the window at Therapy (fig. B) came from the same source.

fig. B

And so, if they did . . . what might the letters have advertised before they were broken up? Hmm? So talk, Mr. Sky.

Mission Chinese Food Needs Your Help Purchasing 60-Foot Chinese New Year Dragon

Mission Chinese Food is in the midst of an epic remodel apparently, but they’re short one finishing touch — a bigass Chinese New Year dragon they’re gonna hang from the ceiling as a chandelier.

And you can help! Contribute to their Kickstarter fund, so they can “attract more customers and make more money for charity.” I can’t wait!


Mission Chinese Food Is Open!

Dirty Needles

I’m listening to the DJ Dirty Needles show on Radio Valencia right now, and it’s pretty good. You might like it too, if you have the same taste in music as me.

According to this tweet, there should be some local stuff during the broadcast. Ope, yep, Oh Sees just came on.

Update: JSBX!

Hump Day Dolores Park Report


Weather:  Hawtt, 5 days and counting
Accoutrements:  Ganja treats and tamales
Refreshments:  Cold beer, cold water; walnut popsicles

Advice:  make like Scorpion and “Get over here!”


Arizmendi Says 'See You Next Week'

To which I respond, “Yes, Arizmendi, I will see you EVERY DAY NEXT WEEK.”

Eater SF has the details.

[Photo via Arizmendi Co-op.]


Arizmendi Is Coming!

Believe It or Not, Ripley of Borderlands

Did you know that sphinx cat in your favorite neighborhood science fiction bookstore (except maybe when they invite Brian Herbert to give talks) is also a medical marvel?

See why in this charming little (one-minute) video where a hulk-like transformation occurs!



Bald Cats like Literature Too

The Mission's 'Neighborhood Game Changer'

Eater SF says it’s the Summit, a new cafe/living room/place to hang out:

The whole shall be greater than the sum of its parts at ex-Poleng owner Desi Danganan‘s new “third space” concept. And those parts are a counter-serviced, brasserie-inspired menu; an art gallery, Blue Bottle coffee, a pastry program with rotating guest chefs and an event venue all wrapped in a designy space shared with business startup incubator i/o ventures.

Read on for more about the Summit and game changers in six other neighborhoods.

Photos by The Summit’s Blog.