What's Wrong With Dolores Park Cafe?

In the comments section of yesterday’s post about a community meeting regarding food carts in Dolores Park, reader C., at the end of a very astute analysis of the controversial situation, offered up this interesting position:

I think Dolores Park Café could be something, anything so much better…

Any thoughts? I’ve never been inside, but it looks sunny and friendly, and it’s always full of people. Do we like this place or what?

Photo by mikek.

Mission Bicycle Festival: Like a Mini-Interbike for the Neighborhood

The Mission Bicycle Festival commenced this past Sunday despite the efforts of concerned NIMBYs and was (as SF Citizen would proudly say) a huge success, thanks in part to the beautiful 80 degree weather and diligently organized volunteer corps.  Locally crafted bike gear by artisans and vendors such as Box Dog Bikes, Rickshaw Bagworks, and Mission Workshop were on full display in a friendly environment that was far less daunting than the massive Interbike convention I checked out in Vegas last week:

(BTW, way better Interbike photos can be found over at Box Dog Blog)

Thanks to the Mission Bicycle Company for organizing such a wonderful representation of velo-culture in the neighborhood (and the Women’s Building too, of course)!  While I wasn’t brave enough to enter the trackstand competition to compete for a brand new Valencia frameset, it was still cool to witness along with the bunny hop contest and unicycle basketball.

Also, I’m pretty sure Interbike didn’t have a S’mores-cycle!

See you next year!

Emotional Furniture

We Don't Speak

“I could have sworn she said the corner of Guerrero and Dorland . . . ”

Is there something about a couch on the sidewalk that somehow easily becomes anthropomorphized and pitiful? Is it because they’re a place of comfort, but also a place that we sink into when we’re sad?

In case you somehow missed it, SFist did a cool piece a couple weeks ago with a Sofa Free master, Erik Wilson: The Abandoned Couches of San Francisco.

Community Meeting Tonight Regarding Food Carts in Dolores Park

Think Blue Bottle should be allowed to sell coffee in the park? Think Blue Bottle should not be allowed to sell coffee in the park? Perhaps you should consider attending this community meeting tonight at 7:00pm and voicing your opinion, or clapping for someone with whom you agree.

Dolores Parks Works has all the details.

For a little background:

Blue Bottle Not Actually the New American Apparel?

Blue Bottle the New American Apparel?

Puppy Loves Playing Soccer

Now that there’s a real-life Iron Man suit, and robots are teaching themselves how to be expert archers, is it only a matter of time before computerkind teams with smart pups like this to subjugate the human race — and take over our soccer leagues??

Eyes on the Move

Check it out! Those big eyes that used to hang out between the “GIANT” and the “VALUE” in the Giant Value sign have migrated to New York’s Lower East Side! And they’ve hooked up with a pair of nostrils!

P.S. I did some research. The artist goes by End War.

Photo by Bat Bombs.

P.P.S. End war!

Mopeds in the Park

Just as the evening news warned last week, a ton of moped riders descended on SF over the weekend. Here they are idling in Dolores Park, and then setting out on another leg of their journey. (WARNING: Not much happens in this video.)

Bongs, Butt Plugs and Black Pepper Ice Cream

Necessary Conversation, a weekly online newscast starring Melissa Griffin and Beth Spotswood, hipped us to this popular new Mission District storefront. Can’t wait to check it out.

Here are some other highlights from last week’s episode:

Portraits of Bike Owners

Mission Local over the weekend published a series of portraits of bike owners in Dolores Park. Each portrait is accompanied by some commentary from the subject regarding the way they use their bike. Casey here uses her bike for transportation! Read on.

Jock Strap, Cock Head and Tight Briefs at the Folsom Street Fair

Caitlin Podiak snapped this beaut’ at the fair yesterday. Perfect composition, right?

Update: SFist has tons more pics.