Cold Beer Cold Water WARM BRAAIINS

The zombies got him. The beer and water is still cold though. Enjoy this offer before rigor mortis sets in.

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I can do a pretty good impression of his call, and he kind of sounds like a zombie anyway, so I went with it. I had my zombie walk on, and set out hollering… over and over and over… “Cold beer! Cold Water!” Some people had no idea what was going on, but most people recognized who I was supposed to be. And THREE different people mistook me for the man himself, all saying something like, “Oh, my god! He dressed up for Halloween!” One man was convinced I stole CBCW’s shirt. Ganja Treats took my photo! I sold twelve beers and four waters (though I gave away like half of them). But where was the OG CBCW?

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Halloween Missed Connection Madlibs!

MISS______ is getting a lot of attention over at Missed Connections right now, and all in madlib form. Do let us know if you solve any of these complicated equations. (I’m assuming it’s not MISSION HIPSTER.)

See here, here, here and here, or (in case they get flagged for being too much fun or something) view them all in screenshot form after the jump:



Yeah. Painfully cute, right? And they’re up for grabs, down at the SF SPCA.

Oh, what? Your place doesn’t allow pets? As we learned earlier this year, rules like that can often be circumvented. Circumvent!

The kitty’s name is Apple Fritter by the way. Just sayin’.


Trick or Loko

Kind of funny, Troy. But not entirely funny…

If you guys missed Ariel’s sad Four Loko story last week, now’s your chance.


Klezmer Brunch Like, RIGHT NOW

I totally forgot to post this earlier, but in case you’re on you’re killing time on your iPhone in line at Boogaloos, why not cross your name off the list and head down the street to Porto Franco Art Parlor for their monthly Klezmer brunch? For 6 bucks, you get a kick-ass vegetarian Ashkenazi and Sephardic traditional dishes with a bit of a Russian tinge. Plus, no line.

And you get to see some awesome live Klezmer music courtesy of the Gonifs, featuring members of the Cottontails, Rupa and the April Fishes, and Brass Menazeri.

Porto Franco is in a Victorian flat at 953 Valencia between 20th and 21st. They go until 2pm. If you miss this one, they do this every last Sunday of the month.

A Very Bananas Halloween

This is a video of some Bananas fans doing a choral cover of the Bananas’ greatest hit, a sweet and tender nautically themed love song. People all over the world love the shit out of this band, and you can find out why tonight at the Secret Alley’s epic Saturday Night Halloween party. More on that here. Don’t miss it!



Electric guitar rather than acoustic.  Instead of Bum-Jovi, think Hobo Costello.  Swap drunken La Bamba for (even lower-fi) Pixies and Sonic Youth covers.  An Italian deli for a French bistro.

Word on the street is he lives with his dad and once climbed into Lennon’s hotel room.

The Giants Rapin' Errbody Out Here (Go Giants!)

In case this doesn’t immediately crack you up, Ice Tubes has an explanation.

Breaking Beretta Burrata Business at 'bric8!

Not to be to be outdone, Beretta is getting in on this whole street food thing starting tonight at Fabric8 for their weekly cart meetup from 6-8pm.

Good thing the PizzaHacker wont be there tonight, otherwise there might have been a throwdown likes of which would have put last night’s Mission Bay McDonalds rumble to shame. On the other hand, their dish of choice will be the non-pizza eggplant caponatina with burrata.

This was #56 in the 2009 7×7 100 things to eat before you die, which I was working on before I realized that it had a lot of stuff that was not in the Mission and therefore difficult to work up the motivation to get to. It’s amazing and has impressed at least 3 eggplant haters I’ve known.

Burrito Baby

Of course, Mountain View. No one throws away half eaten burritos here.

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