Paddlemonster says: ‘Come play ping pong tonight!’

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That’s right, American Tripps is tonight! Our post from earlier this week itemizes some of the reasons to be excited:

We’re all really excited about how Berlin-style ping pong is taking the neighborhood by storm, and we’re really excited to have the entire Haçeteria crew on the decks this week, and we’re excited that this will be the final American Tripps before The Secret Alley undergoes a few interesting changes in October, and we’re excited that our official photographer this week will be none other than The Tenderloin Geographic Society herself!

Read on for the super rad official poster (featuring Paddlemonster and some of his pals) and a hott pic of a couple of hotties making out.

And don’t forget to RSVP and invite your friends.

New Ty Segall video is sleepy and full of energy at the same time, shows boobs

The Bay Bridged has details on upcoming Ty releases and upcoming Ty shows here.

Inside a San Francisco Fire Department callbox

-…® gives us some history:

Those things still work and are faster than 911 as I was told today. Huh! Who woulda known. Also in the 89 quake the blue police phones are the only ones that worked in the whole bay. That’s why we still have this system.

Suck it, iPhones! Accelerometer that!

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Sonic Youth cover band playing Debaser ’90s alternative rock dance party at the Knockout this Saturday night

Will they play the Simpsons theme? Or maybe they’ll just play the one Sonic Youth song everybody actually likes and then get the fuck off the stage? That’d be a riot. RSVP and invite your friends here.

Sure, why don’t you just slow to a halt and hang out for a while in the middle of the bike lane at one of the busiest intersections in the neighborhood?

A few other cyclists passive aggressively (but not unwarrantedly) whizzed past within inches of hitting them, but they didn’t get the message. They just hung out.

Alley garden

This just in: someone started a new community garden on Wiese Street (Alley)!

Yeah, it’s small, but we’ll take what we can get. I hear the waiting list to get in on a plot (of the fence) is only 7 months!

[pic by Sharon, thanks!]

Beware the total lack of water in Dolores Park for a couple days

Curbed SF reports:

No bathrooms or drinking fountains, folks. The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department officials said that the water needs to be turned off because of construction in the park’s playground area.

Read on.

On the bright side, perhaps no Dolo Butt (pictured) this weekend?

SFPD arrest 15-year-old in connection with Hog and Rocks murder

SFist reports:

A 15-year-old suspected gang member has been arrested in connection with the shooting death Hogs and Rocks employee Gaspar Puch-tzek. If you recall, Puch-tzek, a line cook at Hogs and Rocks, was shot and killed outside the Mission restaurant last month after getting off his shift.

Read on.

Mission police offset lack of solutions with raffle prizes

The Mission Police took a beating at Tuesday’s community meeting concerning increasing violence in the neighborhood.

On the bright side, they had a fun raffle during the event:

Eventually, Corrales managed to lighten the mood – just in time for the raffle. Latecomers and newbies rushed to get their names in for the monumental door prizes – police station pens, a mug and two Giants tickets.

“Can I borrow your pen?” one man asked the winner of a Mission Station pen.

“I came just in time for door prizes!” said DJ Brown who later won the tickets.

Congrats to DJ Brown and the other winners!

[via Mission Loc@l]

Two titans

Seen at the Make-Out Room around 1:30AM Tuesday night: DJ Purple checking out the tail end of DJ Primo‘s slow jams set! Purple strolled in and just regarded his fellow beloved San Francisco DJ for about 15 minutes, subtly nodding his head in appreciation.

It was even better than the Don DeLillo/Bret Easton Ellis face-off in this month’s issue of The Believer.

Purple’s karaoke dance party returns to Jack’s tonight around 9, and Primo’s 2 Men Will Move You party hits Amnesia this Saturday night.

[Primo photo by me; Purple photo via Purple]