Dr. Taco

Prescribed me a burrito.

The charred carcass of a burnt and brutalized Muni bus :(

[via Bus Driver Stories] [Thanks, Josh.]

A very Aussie Halloween party

From the official invite:

This Halloween, the Unresolved Love Life of Evelyn Lee takes a trip to the Australian Outback, and we’re all invited!

Aussie-rules Berlin-style ping pong will be happening in the back, and a very special real-life Aussie guest bartender will be slinging the drinks she and Nicole Kidman grew up on back home in Queensland. (They’re weird but good.) Drink specials, Aussie bands on the juke box, candy, Aussie snacks, prizes for costumes. Marsupials. Free!

Tonight! RSVP and invite your fiends!

CONTEST: Hard French season finale and afterparty with Midnight Magic

Now that daylight savings is about to kick in and the sun in starting to set on our glorious Indian summer, that also means that the best daytime party in the Mission will be bidding farewell for the season, but not before one last blowout bash!  It’s all going down this Saturday, Nov 3, with festivities starting as they normally would on the El Rio patio before transitioning to Public Works at 10pm for a glorious afterparty featuring our pals Midnight Magic all the way from the clutches of Sandy in NYC.  And don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes, because these folks will MAKE YOU DANCE!

And the best part is that we’re offering two (2) free tickets to whomever can submit the best photo or story in the comments that embodies just how rad Hard French really is.  Or just post your rad Halloween costumes!  The contest ends promptly at 6pm on Thursday (tomorrow), so you better get cracking!  Also, don’t forget to check out all the details as well as RSVP and invite your friends here.

Oh, and did I mention that these folks will make you dance:

Remembering the night of October 28th, 2012

Yeah, so people were super psyched about the World Series win and went overboard with their celebrating (or used it as an excuse), burning and breaking stuff. When all that is said and done though, this is the image that I have stuck in my head from last night:

Watching our team dominate. In a bar with friends and neighbors, leaving seats empty as we stand in support, cheering on Sergio Romo as he does his thing and takes out Miguel Cabrera.

Today our team came back home to get celebrated in person.

Hunter Pence.

(via bodieswork on Instagram, who is also my mother)

Romo and the trophy.


And here’s a timelapse of the whole game, from the POV of fans watching in Civic Center, sent to us by Nick.

What happened last night?


[via Talent Is An Asset]

This guy clearly does not care about the Giants, just wants to see tits

Or maybe he’s a big Giants fan AND a big Saints fan? Who knows. Anyway, tits.

[via Caryn]

Riot romance

From Missed Connections:

Beautiful girl at the trash fire – m4w – 28 (mission district)

You were a short girl who kinda looked like Lizzy Caplan but way hotter.

I was the blond dude who hauled a trash bin to the fire.

We waxed and waned over the risk of peoples Giants flags catching fire and the joys of low altitude fireworks.

I lost you after the cops rolled through and I didn’t have a chance to say this but you are super fucking cute.

Gorgeous doe eyes and the ability to enjoy a street party without being a Bro-Ho, mmm. Awesome.


Purple glow from a burning recycling can

[via Tika]

Bonfire panorama

Click it to blow it up.

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