Haçeteria, the best dance party in town, returns to Slate this Friday

DJ Tristes Tropiques of the Haç crew enumerates some of the party’s highlights:

+asphyxiating amounts of fog
+blinding lasers (usually in a good way)
+a semi-outdoor smoking cage
+exquisite restrooms with top notch plumbing (not a joke)
+loud music from 1992, some of which might be decent or nostalgia inducing
+somewhat-ok drink deals (i think there’s a pabst tall boy deal) &
fancy cocktails

Bango! I never have as much fun dancing as I do at Haçeteria. And Slate is awesome btw, regardless of the space’s previous incarnations. RSVP and invite your friends!

And then get dizzy to this jam by this month’s special guests:

New twists on the Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned at Hog & Rocks (pictured above with a duck skewer) has long been my favorite Old Fashioned , so I’m intrigued bar manager Michael Lazar has added a whole new section to their cocktail menu called “Pimp My Old Fashioned.” (Obviously, they always do it the right way: no muddled fruit, no ginger ale, etc.) Here it is:


Bittered Sling (Eric Adkins) $16
Ch. briat hors d’age armagnac, gum syrup, bitters, grated nutmeg

Anticuado $16
Casa noble reposado, agave gum syrup, orange bitters

Oaxaca (Phil Ward) $16
Tres agaves reposado, del maguey ‘minero’ mezcal, agave gum
syrup, grapefruit bitters

Kingston $12
Appleton estate 12 yr rum, sugar cane syrup, chocolate &
orange bitters

The Willet 8 $ 15
H&R willet 8 yr barrel strength bourbon, gum syrup, orange

House Rock & Rye $11
Wild turkey and rittenhouse ryes, rock sugar, citrus, vanilla
bean, horehound

Smoker’s Delight (Gonçalo de Sousa Monteiro) $15
Laphroaig 10 yr single malt, tempus fugit creme de cacao, bitters

Can’t wait to have every single one! In one sitting! Like a pimp would!

Full cocktail menu here.

[Photo by Christina Castro]

SF Berlin-Style Ping Pong League now accepting new teams for spring season, beginning Monday at SoMa StrEat Food Park

The SF Berlin-Style Ping Pong League‘s been going strong all through the winter at Dear Mom, but now spring is here and the league’s numbers have grown quite a bit, so they’re moving to the big, enclosed, heated barn at SoMa StrEat Food Park. Here’s the deal:

The SF Berlin-Style Ping Pong League has a new season starting up next week. It’ll be every Monday for six Mondays in a row, this time in the big (enclosed, heated) barn at SoMa StrEat Food Park!!! Beer, wine, sangria — and *tons* of food trucks to choose from.

Form a team, join up, meet the other leaguers, make lifelong friendships, fall in love, perfect your ping pong skills, look forward to Mondays for the first time in your life, eat lots of good street food, win big prizes at the championship, etc., etc., etc., repeat, repeat, repeat! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ [link]

Sounds good! (Also, in addition to the food trucks, there’s a SKEEBALL TRUCK.) Register your team (or just yourself) here.

Here’s a look inside the barn:

[Barn photo by SFBay.ca] [Other photos by American Tripps]

Serious new KronnerBurger-related cocktail menu to debut in the upstairs Pussycat Lounge at Bruno’s this Friday (also, pole dancing)

A little birdie tipped us off that changes were afoot at Bruno’s (#yearofpaul), so we followed up. Acclaimed KronnerBurger barkeep Gabriel Lowe confirms the news thusly:

I’m unveiling a cocktail menu in the pussycat lounge (private room upstairs at Bruno’s) this Friday night. There may be a password. There may or may not be girls doing acrobatic (not stripping) pole performances dressed up like kittens. Kittens are hard to book short notice.

Awesome! Thanks, KronnerBurger for progressively giving us more and more reasons to venture further and further into the belly of Bruno’s.

[Both photos by Matthew Davis]

The wild mushroom benedict at Mission Beach Cafe is fucking awesome but their to-go forks are a little brittle

Or maybe my pal Nattles doesn’t know how to use a fork?

Celebrate 2 years of the Galley servin’ bangin’ grub up inside Clooney’s with a pickled-pepper-egg-eating contest and lots more!

That’s right, can you believe it’s been a full two years since the Galley first changed the face of Clooney’s forever? Help ‘em celebrate the milestone this Friday:

In celebration of two tip-top years in the at kitchen at Clooney’s Pub, The Galley is throwing a party!  On Friday, March 1st, we’ll will be serving up Galley favorites, including our famous French Onion Sandwiches (portable versions of the soup), and Pickled Pepper Eggs.  The food doesn’t stop there: we’ll also have Navajo Tacos and more from Rocky of Rocky’s Frybread, and Guillermo from FogCutter/Dear Mom serving Fried Chicken Bao, Edamame, and other signature items.  Come help us celebrate, and bring your appetite — the Pickled Pepper Egg-eating contest (Starting at 7pm ) isn’t for the faint-of-heart.

It’ll be an epic rager for sure. (I’ve had the pleasure of partying with Chef Justin on a few occasions and I always end up wreckkkkked.)  RSVP and invite your friends!

P.S. Look at this picture of the Galley’s French onion sandwich.

Flyer Littering Vigilante

Ill Eagle Poster
[file photo by me]

Over the weekend I was taking an early morning stroll along Valencia Street when I happened upon an older white man who was knelt down in front of a trash can with a metal scraper going to work on a flyer that had been pasted onto the side. In the process of scraping the flyer off it had torn into pieces and once he was done he stood up, left the pieces on the ground and started walking back to his shiny PT Cruiser. In the past I’ve seen a few different people around the neighborhood doing this sort of this, like this guy, who Nick wrote about previously. I usually dismissed them because I felt sorry for them, as if they were so constantly bothered by flyers on trash cans and utility poles that they had to spend their time doing this. At the same time I have been annoyed that of all the things that take place around them this seemingly harmless thing would be the target of their energy. When I saw this guy go to his fancy car I couldn’t contain myself.

Me: Hey, you just gonna leave that trash on the ground?

Scraper: What?!

Me: You’re not going to pick that up?

Scraper: You see where it came from!

Me: Yeah, a trash can, and then you put it on the ground and can’t even put it in the trash?!

Scraper: (grumbles to self as he goes over to the pile of paper scraps and tosses them in the trash. Then points to garbage on the ground near his car) Why don’t you pick up that?!

Me: I’m not gonna pick up your trash.

Scraper: I didn’t put that there!

Me: Neither did I.

Scraper: (grumbles to self as he gets in his car and zips away to the next block to get out and scrape some more)

So, obviously pasting flyers and artsy things about is against the law, but so is littering. I just don’t get these people.

UPDATE: 1) I don’t know much about cars, and 2) Aaron and AttF remind me of the boringly-named film about vigilantes “Vigilante Vigilante”.



Just be careful where you stick that quiver of yours, OK Cupid?

Way more romantic than a bicycle built for two


“Sure honey, I’ll give you a ride to work, and I’ll even do all the pedaling so you don’t get that cute outfit of yours all sweaty.”

If that’s not true love, I don’t even want to know what is anymore.

Reflecting off a trash bin

Superior on 16th.

Superior Automotive on 16th.