20 ways people had fun on Memorial Day

[Erin in Sierraville, Ca]

[Schlomo at the Treasure Island Flea]

[Meat at 4505 Meats Burgers and BBQ]

[Christine in the Mediterranean Sea]

[Primo in a park tailing some dogs]

[Simon and pals on Tomales Bay]

[Annie at the game]

[Caroline dressed up as a '90s teen rom-com heroine]

[Stella in a hammock]

[Emma's berry pie]

[Carlos and Elle at the Bean]

[Jason in a hammock]

[Adam horsin' around]

[Andi and Colin and a famous dino]

[Amos on a boat]

[Christina in San Jose]

[The Sprays in Muir Woods]

[Angela and pals in a creek]

I hope you had fun too! I personally swam in the bay at Crissy Field and it was awesome. Follow all these ‘grammers for lots more fun!

The cool art you sometimes find for sale at Community Thrift [NSFW]

[via DJ Primo on Instagram]

Primo and his cats

If you like Primo’s poster art for Oldies Night and 2 Men Will Move You and his many other DJ projects, you will LOVE this show. Years of posters and doodles and paintings and stuff, and tonight is your last chance to see it!

[via Primo]

Musical Chairs Party tonight with special guest DJ Primo

Here are a few more important details:

Now, the concept of this here party is absolutely no different than the childhood game of yore (and the most popular game in prison!). Round & round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows! It’s terror on 4 legs — but it ain’t a dog!

This far out tomb ride is surprising & addictive but if you’re shy, dance & cheer on your favorite misbehaved dancers from the sidelines.

Also: incredible dancers THEE CHAIR-IOTS!! And there are PRIZES for dancers that MAKE OUT and FREAK OUT!!

RSVP and invite your friends!

Hot new look for summer: Mushroom pants!!!

What an outfit, right? Primo is such a FUN GUY!

(And his cat art show, currently up at Four Barrel, is just as excellent.)

Scenes from Primo’s art opening

One of many of works on display:

The artist arrives, fashionably late:

More art is hung:

Primo and Dennis Kernohan:

The show, titled Come to My DJ Night, is up at Four Barrel through June 26. Have a look!

Go to Primo’s art show

We’ve been big fans of Primo‘s poster art (for his own DJ nights like 2 Men Will Move You, Oldies Night, Soft Opening and lots more) for like ever, so we’re excited he’s got an official show coming up. It opens tomorrow at Four Barrel, in fact!

Now, links to lots of classic poster art by Primo:

If you don’t go to Oldies Night tonight, Primo is going to start working at Google

And we won’t get to see these amazing flyers or dance to the best soul grooves in town anymore!  Or so he threatens.

Best not to risk it.  See ya there!

25 people I saw go by outside during the one hour I was sitting having drinks at West of Pecos last night

I guess I don’t hang out on Valencia much these days, or I’d just forgotten how well-trafficked it is. I had one happy hour drink sitting in the window at this bar (they make a cool thing where they put half a frozen margarita into half a glass of sangria btw), and we started seeing basically everyone we know. After the first six or seven, we started keeping a list:

  1. Energetic entrepreneur trying to sell us a jacket through a closed, tinted window
  2. My friend Stinky
  3. DJ Primo
  4. Luigi from Thieves Tavern
  5. Leticia Huerta
  6. Girl I recognized from someplace
  7. My friends Allison and Neil*
  8. My friend Lindsey*
  9. DJ Primo again
  10. Milo from St. Francis Fountain
  11. Guy Lindsey recognized from someplace
  12. Tall, longhaired bartender from Jack’s (RIP Jack’s)
  13. Amit Gupta (of Photojojo)
  14. Mandy Harper (of Wholesome Bakery)
  15. Amit Gupta again
  16. Helen Tseng (of The Bold Italic)
  17. Ginger skater Lindsey knows
  18. Primo AGAIN (2 Men Will Move You is this Saturday btw)
  19. Tall guy from Boyz IV Men
  20. Fake Nihar (not of Haçeteria)
  21. Lindsey’s #1 longhair bike messenger crush
  22. Some asshole on a motorized skateboard
  23. Guy that works at Box Dog Bikes
  24. Lil Stinky (Stinky’s younger brother)✓
  25. Dave from Jess’s office (whose birthday it was, HAPPY BIRTHDAY)✓

It was a pretty fun game. Highly recommended.

✓Seen immediately after exiting, so it might not count

Famed NYC soul DJ Jonathan Toubin presides over a dance-off this Saturday (with a little help from Primo)

Toubin and his New York Night Train empire are a pret-ty big deal, so it’s gonna be lovely to have it all here at Rickshaw Stop for a night:

GET DOWN all night long to the extra-exceptional, explosive, and exquisite 1960s soul 45s of globe-trotting New York DJ MR JONATHAN TOUBIN! New York Night Train’s Soul Clap and Dance-Off is North America’s most popular soul party − by far playing to more people in more places and generating more capital than any of its contemporaries. The concept is simple – all night dancing to the wild soul 45s of subterranean superstar NYC DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin and, in the middle, a $100 CASH PRIZE dance contest judged by a panel of local celebrities.

RSVP and invite your friends!

Here’s a pic I took of Wam Bam Ashleyanne winning the dance-off last time Soul Clap was in town:

Top that!

(Oh and she and I are on the judging panel this time, so be sure to address us as “Your Honor” if you see us. Starting now. Thanx.)