Muni Diaries Live is back

Our transit-obsessed buddies at Muni Diaries are bringing a bunch of cool people up on stage to entertain you with tales of life on Muni.

Eugenia elaborates:

Everybody has a Muni story: nail-clipping, whiskey-sharing, mythical-creature-spotting, and it just gets weirder all the time! Come hear true transit stories from riders, writers, and even a BART operator. Bonus: this show will also feature the second Muni Haiku Battle as our Lit Crawl champion defends his crown!

Johnny Funcheap, master of frugal living
James Nestor, writer and reigning Muni Haiku champion
Anna Pulley, sex/relationship columnist and Muni haiku ninja
Kelly Beardsley, BART operator
Richie Nakano, chef at Hapa Ramen
Lucky Jesus unplugged!

Muni Haiku Battle is inspired by Dirty Haiku Battle, presented by our favorite Oakland show,Tourettes Without Regrets (first Thursday of every month at the Oakland Metro). You should definitely check it out every month. Like, seriously.

Muni Diaries Live
Saturday, March 2 at the Elbo Room
647 Valencia Street, San Francisco
Doors: 6 p.m. Show: 7 p.m. Tickets: $12
Take Muni there: J-Church, 12, 14, 22, 33, 49, or BART: 16th or 24th St. stations

Get your tickets here before they sell out!

Muni Diaries Live Breaking It Down at the Makeout Room Tonight

The Makeout Room has become the go-to location for folks who want a little bit of personal sharing with their whiskey, and tonight will be no different as it hosts the latest incarnation of Muni Diaries Live.  The fun starts at 7:30 TONIGHT and goes until 9:30pm, and it’s free!  Check out this line up:

Comedian Will Franken
Fun(ny) guy Johnny FunCheap
BART operator Kelly Beardsley
Vero Majano of Mission Media Archives
The delightful music of McPuzo and Trotsky
And last but not least, the Cock-Ts will return to … get us all in the mood.

I’m also excited by the prospect of Silvi from the Poetry Store hammering away on a good old-fashioned typewriter in the corner, chronicling the moments of the evening with a dash of poetic whimsy.

Come on out and prove that Muni riders can do a lot more than just complain about crazy delays caused by the horrific accident yesterday at Castro station that resulted in a person on the tracks being struck and killed by a Muni train, which tragically occured just one day after another unfortunate man died after being run over and then pinned underneath a bus.

[Photo by Rumnose via Muni Diaries]

Love Grows on the 22 Fillmore

You guys!  I love love,  Muni, and Missed Connections, which is why I so thoroughly enjoyed this post on Muni Diaries, as well as it’s accompanying photo:

Romance on public transit!  From Flickr user jenmaiser.

Alexander Crane’s missed connection occurred a few months ago; I’m curious to hear whether the babe with the feather earrings ever got in touch.   Alexander or feather babe: write in!

And lastly: Muni Diaries asks for Muni missed  connections and thus, I will follow suit and request that you send Mission Mission your Mission missed connections.  Send love notes to: missionmissionmission at gmail dot com.

Seriously, I’ll get you a girlfriend with bangs and pretty eyes in no time.