Top hat cat

I spotted this handsome cat at Jack’s Club last night.

I imagine if I ever ended up in a parallel dimension and had to find my way home, this dapper critter would be my host. He would offer advice in a posh English accent like, “Dear me! It would be unwise to disturb those pterodactyl eggs, boy. Their mum is probably not far away.”

Homebuyers go home

[via lurk.skate.sf (love this guy today!)]

16th st. BART thrashin’

Hey 16th St. BART: if you don’t want people skateboarding on your site, don’t build a bitchin’ skate park there.

Also see exhibit A.

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I’m prettier than you are, you art school idiot

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Hot new look for summer: A pair of broken wrists

This is Claire. She ate shit skating down some epic hill in the Outer Richmond. But what a look. What a look.

Stolen burrito moment

When Mount Eerie‘s frontman launched into a droning minutes-long noise solo, the keyboard player took the opportunity to crouch down and eat a big foil-wrapped Mission burrito. Smart. Gotta grab those moments where you can when you’re on tour I guess.

Little hat game

Here’s a fun game: Next time you’re at a performance where everyone’s seated on the floor watching a thing, and you’re seated behind a friend, make a little hat out of a dollar bill and put it on her head, and then try as hard as you can to hold in your giggles as it stays put for hell of minutes, even when she turns around to glare at you for your inappropriate laughter:

It’s a fun game.

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Buster Posey, Dreamcatcher

Our pal Nick hipped us to this mystical Buster Posey Dreamcatcher shirt (get it?) he recently designed shortly before Buster’s last game (if you believe the docs) this season.  In case you haven’t heard, San Francisco’s favorite Rookie of the Year went down last night with what looks to be a season-ending injury.  Fortunately, this clever pun can now be worn as a get-well-soon homage by all of his concerned fans.

Nick’s offering them for just $20, so to get a jump on the next big fashion trend, get in touch with him over at

Butt snort

It’s like a French inhale but without the middleman, right? In any case, it’s definitely a hot new look for summer.

[via Meesha]


NSFW Dolores Park butt snort

Didgeridoo or didgeridon’t?

Whoa! I saw this guy a couple weeks ago on BART. He didged all the way from West Oakland to 24th Street. No one seemed to really mind (including BART police), but he attracted some raised eyebrows…

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