Hot new look for summer: Puppy scarves


As our pal Charles demonstrates so adeptly here, fur is back, but only the living kind. No need to worry about the PETA protest, but try to get a dark one because the light ones stain easily.

Long-awaited Duboce Street skatepark to include basketball courts and dog run too

We first heard talk of this project over two years ago, and today Uptown Almanac reports that it is actually finally going to happen:

[A]ccording to the SF Skateboarding Association, the $3 million dollar project is expected to break ground this fall, potentially as soon as September.

Read on for conceptual illustrations, project history and commentary.

Anthony Bourdain to shoot new show at Zeitgeist

From today’s Zeitgeist newsletter, titled “No Bathroom Reservations”:

Welcome to our NEW bathrooms!  Buh Bye Porta Johns, Hello Restrooms! Located in the backyard to the right, both mens and womens and ADA approved.

Upcoming events:

Friday August 12th: No Reservations taping.
Anthony Bourdain samples good drinks and eats.

This might seem at odds with the news reported by Eater this week that Bourdain is about to embark on a new show called The Layover in which he does a city in 24 (or 48) hours [link]. So either Zeitgeist got facts wrong and they’ll actually be shooting the new show, or they’re doing yet another SF episode of the old show.

Anyway, here’s hoping he brings Bill Murray along again too:

(Thanks, Amy!)

Rad Muni shirts for sale

These are the three designs available now, and the 49 Van ness is on its way soon I think. All are available in a multitude of color combinations. Visit the Sexpigeon Shop to choose your favorite!

To read about the history of these storied t-shirt designs, go here.

(And if you’d prefer to purchase a shirt from the original run — pictured below — we still have a handful left; shoot us an email.)

Finally found a use for those metal newspaper boxes on every corner

Y’know, now that nobody reads newspapers anymore. Check it:

No Hope has the video from whence this still came right here. It’s a good watch.

New owners of former Discolandia space debut new ‘Porkolandia’ signage

Gorgeous, right? Read all about the decision and the fabrication process here.

Palace Family Steakhouse refurb may also include a name change

When Bernalwood reported a few days ago that the Palace Family Steakhouse was likely to reopen soon, I think we were all understandably overjoyed. Unfortunately, it sounds like maybe the name is going the way of the old interior. (Which I guess would also mean there’s a bit of exterior work still to come too, which could hold up the grand reopening for longer as well.) Reader jacobe chimed in in the comments of our post on the topic:

I talked to the new owners recently… they also own a Moroccan food/hookah joint somewhere in the Richmond.

Said they were going for a 50′s diner feel and it was going to be renamed to something I can’t remember.

So I followed up:

Renamed!? But you can’t remember to what?? For goodness’ sake, try to remember! Any thoughts at all?

And jacobe replied:

It was something really horrible like Mama’s Diner… or maybe it was a woman’s name.

I remember after walking away from the conversation, and after being so terribly excited that it was re-opening, telling my girlfriend that we should have suggested they keep the Palace name.

If I see someone in there again, I’ll do some sleuthing and ask.

Thanks, jacobe! (Hey, maybe they should call it Steakolandia!)

[photo via Bernalwood]



The rusted hull of the official GWAR summer camp van. Don’t you wish your parents sent you to a rad camp like this instead of some Tom Sawyer or Boy Scout nonsense when they wanted to get rid of you for the summer?


GWAR Porta-Potty

Controversial hammerhead shark street painting looks good all colored in too

Our previous post about this beauty took a controversial turn when it was posited that this piece was perhaps the work of the Discovery Channel. The comments section exploded, for various reasons. And then a commenter claiming to be the artist wrote in and stated that he has no connection to the network — and doesn’t even own a TV. Cool.

The only problem is, now it just looks like a painting of a shark instead of a really trippy traffic symbol:

(Thanks again for the photos, Marcus!)

Homemade sausages and homemade pies coming to former Discolandia space

Last week Grub Street reported that the new business going into the old Discolandia space would be called Pig and Pie and that the business had applied for a liquor license [link]. Today, Miles Pickering, one of the owners gives us a few more details:

Somewhat obviously, Nate and I are opening a restaurant.  Pig and Pie is going to serve handmade sausages with unique dressings and homemade pies for dessert.  We’ll have a standard selection, including a vegan option, as well as rotating specials and a variety of interesting side dishes.  The pies will be made from local seasonal fruits and be accompanied by ice cream from one of the local ice cream houses.  We’re looking to create a place where you can get upscale food at a downscale price in a casual setting.  We think that sausages present a unique culinary opportunity, there’s so much you can do with them.  There are a lot of great ideas floating around, you’ll see stuff on our menu that nobody else has.

We’re very excited about opening a restaurant on 24th St.  I’ve lived in the ‘hood for well over a decade and have wanted to open a restaurant of some kind for about the last 5 years but all the pieces didn’t come together until now.  The biggest piece of that was finding my business partner Nate.  Nate is a butcher and a chef, he makes a mean sausage and I’m happy to have him running the kitchen.  The other piece was locating a space.  I’d actually been looking for a space on 24th St. for a few months (considered the old Papa Potrero space but decided to pass on it) so when I saw that Discolandia was shutting down we jumped on it.  It’s really our ideal location.  We’re still waiting for the conditional use permit hearing with the Planning Dept which should happen sometime in September.  With any luck we’ll be able to open by November.

Can’t wait! (And can’t wait to see the menu.)

[Photo by Rob T.]