Pixies lyric turned bus shelter graffiti

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Housemade sodas

This is Beretta’s housemade ginger soda. It’s not ginger ale, it’s not ginger beer — it’s ginger soda. And on those rare days where I’m not drinking alcohol, it’s spicy and complex enough to almost hit the spot.

Serious Eats profiles it and a couple other housemade sodas from around town, including Local Mission Eatery’s blood orange vanilla soda, here.

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U-lock your hula hoop to a bike rack (when in Portland)

We may U-lock a lot of weird shit to a lot of other weird shit here in San Francisco, but at least we’re not Portland.

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Mission Vegan: Mexican jumping beans

Remember Mexican jumping beans? Kids on the block used to come home from vacation with them. They’d bring them out to the street and everyone would stop hula-hooping or pretending to be a ninja turtle and gather around in wonder and amazement. Can you get those anywhere in the Mission?

In honor of Leap Day, I tried to think of a vegan food that conjures bouncy images, since obviously frog legs and kangaroo jerky are off the menu for me.

These beans obviously are not real Mexican jumping beans, which are neither beans nor vegan (discuss!), but they are spicy enough to give you a little spring in your step. The amount of chili in this recipe won’t make your life flash before your eyes, but if you tend to like things a little milder, count out 10-15 chilies and leave it at that.

Recipe after the jump:


Black sand pentagram

Our pals over at Project One are hard at work gearing up for an opening tonight at 7pm. The show is called “Symbols” and here’s what it’s all about:

Project One’s exhibition space will be transformed to encapsulate many different categories of symbolic dialogue. Modern artists will expound on Creation & Cosmos, Animals, Nature, the Occult, Astrology & Tarot, Colors, Geometric shapes, Contemporary symbols, and the Apocalyptic conspiracies that surround 2012 and the Mayan Calendar. The exhibition itself will take on the form of an elaborate puzzle, leading the viewer through a maze of wonder.

Maze of wonder! Sounds good! RSVP and invite your friends!

Angela has more on the making of the pentagram here. (And if you can’t make tonight’s opening, see the show on Friday when American Tripps returns to Project One.)

Tecate party time excellent!

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Motorcycle with a crossbow mounted on the handlebars

I can’t tell if this is a badass or a steam punk! What is the answer?

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Crab heart and sea horse arteries

Trippy new art on the wall near Pal’s Take Away!

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Get hyped on Thomas McNaughton’s Salumeria with TWO pop-ups this week

I don’t know about you, but we’re pretty confident the Flour + Water chef can put together some bangin’ Italian sandwiches, and now’s your time to find out. The first takes place Wednesday 11:30-2:30 at McNaughton’s Flour + Water (pictured.) If you have a job (or don’t go east of South Van Ness,) there is a second pop-up planned at Clooney’s on 26th and Valencia on Friday evening.

The following sandwich is on the menu: prosciutto cotto, mortadella, pepperoncinis, whole grain mustard, olive tapenade, pickled carrot, wagon wheel cheese, foccacia- $10. Sweet.

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Valencia shield commemorates Valencia swing

Now that all the drama has finally died down, this is where we stand…until it is reincarnated again!

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