A little alley

Little Alley

NYC guide to burrito etiquette

I would argue that New Yorkers have no business enforcing etiquette on a dish they have so far failed at. Also, it’s pronounced like “Bur-Eat-Oh”, the last syllable there a closer approximation to the true reaction to a New York burrito.

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Ping pong at Dear Mom this afternoon!

Regular old ping pong! Nothing Berlin about it!

Hot Snakesssss

Right now, @ Bottom of the Hill

Meeting Spot

Meeting Spot

When Critical Mass rides circles in busy intersections

The official SF Critical Mass Facebook account 19 minutes ago asked its followers to comment on the tradition of circling in major intersections during the ride. Some good answers right off the bat:

Read on for more, and do be on the lookout for Critical Mass this evening.

(Why something like SF Critical Mass has an official Facebook account in the first place remains a mystery.)

Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos: Just Enjoy the Moments

Every week, photographer Joshua Cobos shoots a roll of film just for us. He picks the 13 best photos and we post them here, and it’s called “Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos.” Here’s what Joshua has to say about this week’s installment:

All of these images are of objects in plain sight, I imagine. Nothing posed, nothing directed. Just long walks with an old U.S. army issued Canonet. There is truth in simplicity, one of the main motivators in my photography. A protest march, a friend’s tattoo, abandoned theaters on the main drag, the modern hotel fireplace in stunning HD. I question society’s directives & morals all the time, are we enlightened by technology or depraved. Through these walks & all the witnessed beauty, I put the big questions aside and just enjoy the moments.

Thanks, Joshua! Ten more shots after the jump:


Dolores Park playground ribbon cutting this Saturday

Well, the first major Dolores Park renovation is done, and it just so happens to be the section of the park you’re probably too old to hang out in. This Saturday, check out the ribbon cutting event from 2-4pm.

True to Dolores Park form, there will be a performance with Shredder Hoops, a troupe of scantly-clad women demonstrating their flexibility with flaming hula hoops:

Live music will be provided courtesy of Orange Sherbert, a family-friendly band that writes rap songs about the benefits of eating locally-sourced sustainable seasonal vegetables (no I didn’t just make that up):

Oh, and there’s face painting, if you’re into that. I personally don’t care for it, after the unicorn-whose-head-looked-a-lot-like-a-dick incident of 1986.

[via Dolores Park Works]

Free squash at Mi Ranchito Market

squash, food, garbage, mi ranchito market, san francisco, mission district, dumpster, dumpster diving

As in a trash bin full of squash. Savvy dumpster divers would be wise not to squander the opportunity!

Trash catastrophe


It wasn’t me.  But at least it won’t take a crane.



The most popular garbage can in the Mission