Sage fries are legit

Reviews of Southern Pacific Brewing’s food offerings have been mixed, but one thing everyone seems to agree on is that the sage fries are a winner. Huge portion for only $4, or upgrade your sandwich/burger’s normal fries for 50 cents. Salty, which goes well with beer, and the sage goes well with hops, which are in beer. For what it’s worth, the ham sandwich was also bangin’. I’m officially a fan.

Bike swap in Dolores Park this Sunday

Here’s a thing that’s happening this weekend: Chrome Industries is holding their first ever bike swap in Dolores Park on Sunday. Perfect time to get rid of all those drop bars you swapped out for bullhorns, or all of those brakes you don’t actually use. I hear there’s free beer!

All evidence to the contrary, this is not an F stop

This is not the F stop

Oh yeah, the Olympics start today!

And it looks like Mission Bicycle is already getting into the spirit!  Where are you going to watch the festivities?

[Photo by Mission Bicycle]

Mission Vegan: SF Vegan Drinks tonight!


The fine folks at VegNews are holding their monthly SF Vegan Drinks happy hour at Dr. Teeth tonight. The menu looks amazing, but fried beets seem kind of weird. But damn, they’ll have vegan piña coladas! And lots of other fried goodness!

I’ve only been to SF Vegan Drinks once and that was way back when it was at Martuni’s. I don’t remember there being any food, but the drink special was some sort of orange creamsicle martini thing. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but holy hangover hell. Anyways, I will try and make it out to a Vegan Drinks at Dr. Teeth one of these days…but not tonight! Yeah, I’m a shitty vegan.

Car Beat: ’65 Muscle Wagon

From now on, whenever I see a cool car around the neighborhood, I’m gonna take pictures and send them to my pal Eric up in Portland who runs Other People’s Things, my favorite car blog. He’ll respond with some knowledge and we’ll post the results here and it’ll be called “Car Beat.” Here’s what Eric has to say about this Rambler I saw today:

Looks to be a Third Generation (1965-66) Rambler Classic 770 Cross Country Wagon.  This one is probably a ’65 because it only has one mirror…it came standard in ’66.

The Rambler started as a Nash nameplate, but after they merged with Hudson in the ’50s to form American Motors- Wisconsin’s only car manufacturer.

This one is in the “770″ Trim, which is the top of the line V8 version, essentially a muscle car station wagon.

Haven’t seen the wagon around Portland, just the sedan, nice find!

Thanks, Eric! More pics after the jump:


BARTscalator shitstorm

Good news! The 24th St BART escalator is working!

Here we see the escalator in its new spin cycle. This is a new feature added by BART engineers to clear the escalator of HUMAN WASTE.

Via SFGate:

When work crews pulled open a broken BART escalator at San Francisco’s Civic Center Station last month, they found so much human excrement in its works they had to call a hazardous-materials team.

While the sheer volume of human waste was surprising, its presence was not. Once the stations close, the bottom of BART station stairwells in downtown San Francisco are often a prime location for homeless people to camp for the night or find a private place to relieve themselves.

All those biological excretions can gum up the wheels and gears of BART’s escalators, shutting them down for long periods of extended repairs, increasing station cleaning costs and creating an unpleasant aroma for morning commuters.

Thus far, BART has blamed this on:

1) the main drive gear

2) an overly-sensitive sensor

3) shit.

We should have a contest to guess what’s next on BART’s checklist. I’m guessing:

4) Birds!



Reader @doogiehowsahthinks the timing is suspect:

Wow, it’s such an interesting coincidence that as the story of BART neglecting Mission stations started to gain traction, this story suddenly comes out, blaming dirty poor people for the problem.

We clearly need to wrap the escalator and all BART passengers in vinyl.

On the other hand, here’s a trippy panorama of the 24th St BART foyer:


Did somebody just put a hex on my house?

Found this weird arrangement of stuff out front. What’s the deal? (Guerilla marketing attempt by Puccini Group?)

Free pig roast event tonight at Mission Community Market to celebrate launch of new online farmer’s market Good Eggs

Good Eggs is this new thing where you can do your farmer’s market shopping online. You’d think maybe it would negate the need for an IRL farmer’s market like the Mission Community Market, but actually it looks like they’re working in tandem, which is great. (Some people seem to think it’s always real life vs. the internet, but I say why can’t we enjoy both, am I right or what?)

Anyway, to celebrate their launch, they’re roasting up a pig this evening! RSVP and invite your friends!

And if you want to know more about Good Eggs, Mission Local has a big feature up right here.

[via Funcheap SF] [Thanks, Kate S.!]

Big crunch at 21st and Folsom

That’s supposed to be parallel parking there, so this guy must’ve gotten creamed in the intersection and spun ’round like crazy.

[via @flywithsig]