Remembering the Valencia Street Swing

What fun!

[via marmotilla]

9 Responses to “Remembering the Valencia Street Swing”

  1. sure says:

    pffftt – I remember this from way back in the 90s…

  2. sure says:

    what? you mean more of a fail that the actual post? I have bum fluff that’s older than that swing – why are you memorialising a swing that’s a year old at most?

  3. dj says:

    i say keep putting one back up. its not hurting anyone and maybe they will realize that and leave it

  4. Lillian says:

    Memorializing me finding this blog because the swing I helped put up multiple times ended up on it.

  5. one says:

    That’s the best pic on this blog.

  6. pdbird says:

    Screw mission grinches, the tree swing on the Wiggle is still there!!