26 Valencia Lives Forever

@johnxorz sends us this Bay to Breakers costume honoring transportation lost. (I think you could fit a lot of beer in there.)

I miss that bus.

Any other Muni-related outfits? Maybe Nate Ford holding a giant axe and burning money?

Definitely Not Banksy

Discovered by MrEricSir on Valencia near 16th.

But MrEricSir suspects Ivan Reitman’s involvement, and I concur — note the proximity to the Slimer Tree that Ariel discovered on 15th St.

If only the meters were a series of pastel colors, then we could blame Warhol’s ghost.

UPDATE: Perhaps someone is protesting, as Chicago saw last year?

Maybe it’s the shut-down-Valencia-to-cars movement embodying Burnham’s ghost — his 1905 plan for SF had two long, giant parks, one down Capp and the other along 23rd:

Welcome To Prison Street

Welcome to Prison Street
Just kidding. Harrison and 14th.

La Mission on KQED Forum

Benjamin and Peter Bratt are on right now.

Opens April 16th at the Metreon. Ahh, the irony that we can’t watch it in the Mission.

We're Passing Through The Magnetic Field

Stay on target… Almost there…

(And WeatherBug, no Mission station? WTF?)

Some Thing(s) For Sale (?)

Request For Clarification

I just wanted to clear this up for you. Scott has one Scootter [sic] 4 Sale Two, in addition, I think, to a flatbed truck. Now, if you wish to purchase his 40 (?) year old van, which may or may not still run, you are out of luck in ’10.


If you need to see it bigger.

Flipped Car On Chavez and Hampshire

From Peter R.

From the always exciting SE corner of the mission… a car somehow managed to flip itself over this morning on Cesar Chavez at Hampshire. I keep looking at the picture but can’t figure out how this happened…

Hope everyone’s ok. Careful out there, drivers.

Not A Through Window

Up In Your Personal Space
I remember when this apartment building was first put up. (Just over a decade or so? I don’t know. BurritoJ?) I was sure there was no way the residents would let this stand. And yet here it is. The occupants have (4 ply?) venetian blinds, cutting the glorious glow of the orange lamp by almost 15%. (false fact) Perma jaundice.

And Then There's This Stuff

Horizontal V. Vertical

Some kind of scavenger hunt? Or is it the evolution of leaving trash on the sidewalk?

This and more found on a lamppost at 21st and Valencia.


CCSF Literary Magazine Is Looking For Submissions

The next issue of Forum, the literary magazine published by City College of San Francisco, is coming out this May. If you are a CCSF student, faculty member or alumni you have until March 1st, 2010 to send your poems, essays, short stories, screenplays, visual artwork, photography or anything else you think they could fit onto a page to cityjournal(at)gmail(dot)com.

They are especially interested in artwork, so go get yourself published!

CCSF Mission Campus

Photo credit: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid