Inside A Shipwreck

I saw this shipwreck the other day on the way out to Pt. Reyes. There was some stuff inside:

What Happens When You Find A Working 42″ Plasma-Screen TV in the Mission and Try to Do the Right Thing By Telling SFPD About It

Basically you’re in for a world of hurt. Reader MC found a TV on the above street corner a couple months back, and we all puzzled over what to do in a post titled What Would You Do If You Found A Working 42″ Plasma-Screen TV on a Street Corner in the Mission? MC decided to notify the cops of his find, and they came by and  confiscated it, telling him he might be able to claim it later if its rightful owner didn’t show up. MC wrote in yesterday with an update:

Alright.. here’s the update on the TV.  It’s probably not that intersting, but I have to write it in the assumption that the SFPD have stolen the TV and I’ll have to file an OCC against them anyway, so I might as well send it on to you.

About two weeks after the police officers took the TV from me, I called the number on the Police Report.  The woman on the phone asked for my case number, and describe the situation.  When I began to explain she stopped and said “Wait – you found a 42-inch TV on the STREET?’ and I said ‘yes’ and she said ‘…and you decided to call the police…?’

After she confirmed the TV was, in fact, still in the property room, she told me I had to go to the 5th floor of the Hall of Justice to turn in paperwork if I were to claim the TV after the requisite 120 days.  She then said ‘but you want to do it soon — it’s going to take a while.’  That was an understatement, as I was soon to discover.

Gold Rush Days on Valencia Street

There’s gold in them thar ensembles!

[Photo by Corntard]

Impending Hurt

[Photo by We Built This City]


You Bluntslid Dolores Park, What Was That Like?

Bicycle Thief or Bicycle Enthusiast?

Concerned reader Jeremiah M. noticed the suspicious contents of this black Nissan pickup truck parked on Valencia at 21st and decided to alert the authorities:

Notice hacksaw, broken u-lock, many bicycle wheels including several sawed apart bicycle wheels.

What do you think, readers?  Is there a logical, non-criminal explanation for having all of this stuff or were we just treated to a behind the scenes peek into a bicycle thief’s mobile base of operations?  Those are quite a lot of sheared spokes in that blue bin.  Also, are those wheels locked down or just sitting there?  Either way, this doesn’t look good!

Ibiza Time in Dolores Park

Nice tee!

[And what a snap by Corntard!]

Walgreen’s Ninja

This guy can definitely be on my team.  Don’t snicker, or he’ll whack you with his leveling stick.

Delano’s to Become ‘Fresh & Easy’?

The former location of Delano’s, which generates a lot of discussion here for some reason, may soon be replaced by a Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. “Fresh & Easy”? That sounds like the kind of girl you’d want to date. If you are a breakdancer. And it’s the 80′s.

From Curbed:

A little bird just told us that grocery chain Fresh & Easy is this close to signing a 20-year lease for the recently shuttered Delano’s space on South Van Ness in the Mission.

Get the scoop at Curbed SF.

[image via Curbed, thanks Sally!]


Delano’s Going



Area Man is a Sexy Mufucker, Poet Too

Snapped on 17th and Mission.

Drivers of Environmentally Friendly Performance Automobiles Enjoy Rhea’s Sandwiches

This completely electric Tesla Roadster was parked in front of Rhea’s Deli for a couple of hours on Sunday. Apparently rich, eco-conscious speed freaks love Asian-fusion sandwiches and are exempt from current CA yellow curb traffic laws.

If you want my completely not-a-car-guy evaluation, the thing is the size of a Miata and has lots of cool vents. It also costs as much as a house in Concord.

By the way, since when did the benches in front of Rhea’s become such the hang?

Update: Yellow curbs aren’t enforced on Sundays.