Support ATA By Buying Some Art and Seeing Some Bands at the Art Auction Tonight

If all those episodes of Auction Hunters and Pawn Stars you watched this afternoon got you all amped up to bid on some cool stuff while listening to some rock ‘n’ roll, tonight’s event at ATA might really hit the spot:

Artists’ Television Access proudly invites the Bay Area community to celebrate 26 years of cutting edge, alternative and experimental art at this year’s fundraiser. The night features a live and silent art auction of work from almost 50 established and emerging artists, with live musical performances by Grass Widow and Puce Moment, and visual presentation by Craig Baldwin, Dayv Jones and much more.

Read on for complete details. And it starts in like 10 minutes, so you better get off the couch and get ready to go.

[Photo of the badass playlist that will presumably be played at some  point during the event by Talent Is An Asset] [Parting Gifts rules!]

F Your Q

Lost Weekend Video continues their assault on poor, defenseless little old Netflix. Who will come out the winner? All I know is that Netflix never offered a “Klaus Kinski tries to chop off Werner Herzog’s head with a machete” T-shirt, and that’s not helping them.

[via Tenderloin Geographic Society]


Internet Killed the Video Store

Loaded Question

Loaded Question

Let’s start with the rerouting of Mission Creek . . .

KQED Visits Noisebridge

Thanks to all the community support, Noisebridge hackerspace is here to stay for a while.

But what exactly is a “hackerspace”, you ask? Aren’t hackers just a bunch of Australian terrorists that are trying to destroy America? Don’t worry, these hackers are the gentle kind. They just like making stuff, and would much rather show you how to correctly solder a circuit than steal your facebook password.

KQED recently took a look inside the Mission’s own Noisebridge, which happens to be one of the pioneering facilities of it’s kind in the United States. Check out their video for a tour, interview with the co-founder, and a bit of the history of hackerspaces.


Noisebridge in Trouble

Fucking Science, How Does it Work?

Wolf Larsen feat. Acorn Elementary

Right now I’m trying really hard to think of something better than local songwriter Wolf Larsen’s latest music video, which features a bunch of howling kids from Oakland’s ACORN Woodland Elementary School, but… no dice.

The song is called “Wild Things” and as far as I can tell, it has nothing to do with that lame movie starring Neve Campbell and Denise Richards.

Link for you folks on RSS.

[thanks Megan Keely!]

Jello Biafra’s High School Buddy Wants to Hang

Hey Jello, Guy Sharpless from Boulder would like to say hi!

[link] [via Appendages of Cool]

Watch Out For This Flexible Thief!

Loyal reader Tom C. was walking down the street when he noticed this peculiar sight:

I caught this guy breaking into and stealing from a Nissan parked at Harrison and 23rd, I took the pic and called 911. Which kinda pissed him off. He told me to give him my phone, which I declined to do and after some strong words, some scuffling and punch to the back of my head he made off with his lady friend down treat towards 24th.

Geez Tom, we hope you’re alright!  Stay alert out there, everyone!

UPDATE!!!  Tom delves into detail:

Here’s what happened, this thief and his girlfriend were walking along Harrison @ 22nd. I was walking my dog behind them, he threw something up in the air and let it crash on the ground… and kept walking. I had a look at what he had “dropped” and it was a GPS unit. I keep walking along with my dog, stalling at every tree, bush, sign post whatever so I could see what they were up to. He was walking real close to the parked cars, scoping them out I guess. Then, they stopped and started being all making out with each other. I walked past and turned the corner at 23rd.

I stopped for a second then headed back to see what they were doing. The guy had disappeared and she was sitting on the sidewalk applying makeup. I kept walking and saw the Nissan with the window smashed out and the guy inside going through the glovebox. I asked him what he was doing, “terracing” he said. I then asked him what that meant and he said “I don’t know, why you got a problem?” I snapped a quick pic of him climbing out, why he didn’t just open the door I don’t know, but he left with his girlfriend down 23rd.

I called 911 and also walked down 23rd. That’s when the guy went crazy. He saw me on the phone and charged up to me demanding the phone, saying he wanted to know who I was calling, he told me he was going to kill me if I didn’t give him the phone. I told him it wasn’t going happen and put it in my pocket, the SFPD was still on the line. So, I’m holding the guy at arms length and keeping my dog back with the other hand. He swings at me and lands one on the back of my head. “I know people, I’m gonna kill you, you’re fucking with the wrong guy” etc. They turned down Treat towards 24th and vanished. The Police showed up and took a report. The owner of the Nissan showed up and thanked me for what I did.

I’ve seen this thief on my street 3 or 4 times, he lives in the neighborhood. I showed the owner of my corner market the photo and he said that his name is Robert and his girlfriend is Claudia. Hopefully this guy will get caught eventually.

Would I get involved again? Definitely. I’d just be a bit more stealthy about it.

Tonight: Magical Evening of Yacht Rock

Best email we got all day:

Subj: We have a magical evening of Yacht Rock coming your way.

Hi there – This is Annie from the band DATE NITE. I will be performing, with my fellow sailors, at a fantastic event this Thursday evening at the Blue Macaw. There will be Michael McDonald covers, shoulder pads, a tribute to Gerry Rafferty, a vintage bathing suit competition, and of course plenty of champagne. Below is a description of the event and a couple of winter yachting tips.

Hoping we see you there!
Thanks… I’ve included an inspiring photo for reference.
Annie Sloan

After the jump is the full press release, including info about the performers and vintage swimwear contest, plus a fun list of wardrobe suggestions. (more…)

Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew Also Comes in Champagne-Style Bottles

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you want to drink something festive without getting trashed. Reed’s Extra seems to be a popular choice in the neighborhood and elsewhere, but I only just learned Rainbow stocks huge foil-wrapped bottles of the stuff! Extra festive! And it sure kicks the ass of Martinelli’s Apple Cider, right?

New Climbing Obstacles Installed on 24th Street

New routes? Dude, gnarly. Looks like Valencia Cliffs has some compe-tish.