Save KUSF Rally Starring Ty Segall Tuesday Afternoon at City Hall

Starts at 1pm! RSVP and invite your friends via the official Facebook event page!

And to whet your appetite, check out Ty Segall’s recent guest DJ appearance on the KUSF Archives right about here.

[Photo by Dylan Bigby]


Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio? SAVE KUSF

KUSF Memories: I Am Naked

How To Replace Your Bike’s Handlebars With A Land Rover Steering Wheel

I was just kidding about the “how to” part, but it looks badass, right?

Girls Girls Girls, the best blog about globetrotting young people I’ve ever read, snapped this picture in Amsterdam or something I think.

‘It’s Sunny in the Mission’ Says Possible Mission Anthem

Our pal Christina recommends a song:

I wanted to share this song which I think could kind of be a Mission anthem, my friends wrote it so I may be a little biased, but doesn’t it just want to make you go lay out in the sun in Dolores Park? Feel free to share with MissionMission fans. The band is called The Cannery and they’re local.

Listen to the song in question here. Might be a little mellow to be the sound of the Mission, but it’s good.

Thanks, Christina!

[Photo by Carina]

Mr. Peanut and Mr. Pickle’s Lovechild

Q: What do you get when you cross a Mr. Peanut, of Planter’s fame, and a Mr. Pickle, of Mr. Pickle Sandwich Shop on South Van Ness?

A: Mr. Pickle’s classy spats-sporting cousin in SOMA, Mr. Toad’s.

Don’t worry, Mr. Pickle. Your cousin is in the recording and rehearsal space business and poses no threat to your empire.

[via MM reader Shawna]


Epic Mr. Pickle Saga

Reminder: Huge Winter Sale Still Going Strong at Box Dog Bikes

The Box Dog Blog has a bunch more sweet deals listed right here.

Thar Might Be Gold in That Thar Island

Forget owning a castle, if you have the millions ($22 million, naturally), why not buy an island? This island, to be exact:

And here’s some context:

On the real estate site Zillow, Red Rock Island inexplicably shows up  on the intersection of Van Ness and Pacific Ave., instead of it’s real location just south of the Richmond/San Rafael bridge:

The following comes directly from the listing:

Red Rock Island is the only privately held island in San Francisco Bay and is offered at $22M for the mineral rights and bragging rights.

Woah, mineral rights and bragging rights?

Well, the bragging rights go without saying. Imagine using the line, “Your place or my island?” Instant deal-closer. You’ll be loading up your private helicopter with babes or hot dudes (or both) in no time.

But what’s with those “mineral rights”? Just what kind of “red rocks” are we talking about here? Bismuth? Manganese? I’m not sure what the market is for paint pigment these days, but I can’t imagine it would cover your costs of mining. Don’t forget you’d also have to invest in an industrial-strength rock tumbler to get those other rocks show-ready.

That’s not all the island has to offer, though. According to sea kayaker and explorer Storm Steiger:

Russian and Aluet fur hunters camped on the island while pursuing the huge population of sea otters found in San Francisco Bay in the early 1800s.

Be still my otter-loving heart. That was the 1800s, though. Those otters have skipped town by now.

It was also known as a great place to gather firewood.

Bummer. We all love making fires, but most San Francisco fireplaces have been filled in.

But wait, what’s this?

Did pirates bury their gold on Red Rock? On old charts the island was called Treasure Rock and Golden Rock because of such tales.

Now we’re getting somewhere. What’s more appealing than pirate gold? With all that alleged treasure you might actually break even on the $90,000 monthly payment.

There’s all kinds of interesting information on Storm Steiger’s site, including the story of one entrepreneur who hoped to build a 20-story hotel on the island only to be shot down by the city of Richmond. There’s also a ton of info on this homestead site. Be sure to do your research before buying.

Human Trafficking Ring in Downtown SF Preys on Unsuspecting Cyclists

Don’t fall for their elaborate trap:

I for one am gonna write my Supervisor.


Human Trafficking Ring Exposed in Dolores Park!

Does Anyone Know Tim Allen?

Our buddy Jen Gann wants him to blurb her new book, Back Tuck:

Buy the book here. And do visit the Tim Allen Blurb This Book Facebook Group, if at the very least just for the badass Tim Allen video I posted a little while ago.

The Bearded Guy That Hangs Out at Adobe Books

Artist Iris Alden wrote in to share a story:

I’m a local artist/barback/sometimes I work at Adobe Book Shop. I’m guessing, what with your throughly thorough knowledge of the Mission, that you guys know about Swan (a.k.a The Birdman, a.k.a John Ratliff), the white bearded character almost seen at Adobe, sometimes sitting outside smoking, sometimes inside with or without a pigeon companion. Anyway, I made this comic after having a conversation with him one night, and I thought you guys might like to see it. Voila!


Can’t get no results from the humans is right!


The Pigeon Whisperer

Thanks, Iris!

Charlie Sheen Is On Fire

Charlie Sheen Is On Fire

I hung out a bit at Chris Daly’s new bar, Buck Tavern, on Market Street the other night. Anyway, enough about that. The TV was on so I got a little taste of what I left behind when I kissed cable news goodbye. Instead of maybe tracking the state of Egypt, a country that is literally on fire in places, they focused on some issue with Charlie Sheen and prostitutes, which actually seems like the opposite of “news”. Not because it’s not interesting, but because it’s neither new nor unexpected. In any case, I wondered what kind of message they were trying to send me by making up to 6 references to fire at one time. “BURNING”, “FIRE”, “BURNING”, “FIRED”, “BURNING” and actual footage of burning fire in the background.

Do they just use fire as a motif to make whatever they’re talking about seem interesting and urgent? Are they trying to suggest that he must be living with some intense Sexually Transmitted Infections? Or is the real story that Charlie Sheen is some kind of raging pyromaniac? Weird.