A couple walks into Shotwell’s wearing Google Glasses…

Tom Madonna from Shotwell’s tweets about it, and then the whole incident turns up as an essay in The Atlantic:

I called up Madonna to get a little more information about what happened when the Glasses couple walked into Shotwell’s.

“When you buy a new phone, it’s in your pocket, but this, you’re wearing something on your face. Anyone that cares what they look like is not gonna wear Google glasses. That’s my opinion,” Madonna said. “If you are super nerdy and you like to show off that you’re in tech and smart and all those things, I can see you probably wearing Google Glasses, but you are probably in a bubble or … new. We’ve all heard all this stuff. Like, this guy moved to SF and he comes to the bar. He’s from Scottsdale and he’s using all these [tech] words. I had to stop him. I said, ‘You sound interesting and different in Phoenix, but you sound boring here. You are cliche.’”

Read on for talk of SF vs. Brooklyn, more interaction with the couple with the glasses, and lots more sass from Tom.

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Glow point

Glow point

Evening on Albion Street.

Mission Chinese online ordering goes live tonight!

My pro tip with Mission Chinese has always been to go for lunch or order takeout to avoid that 2-hour horribly disorganized wait-list BS. Well starting tonight you’ll be able to place your order online here. Hell, they will even deliver orders over $20.

Go ahead, slam them with more traffic and convince them it was a bad idea.

Update: I think they meant Thursday night. Mission Chinese is closed Wednesdays, as several commenters pointed out.

Chili cheese Frito dog

Today only, only at The Galley. (My eyes have a stomach ache now.)


‘I Like Love,’ a Berlin-style ping pong party with classic disco soundtrack by DJ Cosmic Amanda!

Berlin-style ping pong and DISCO!!! $5!!! Here’s the deal:

We’ve paired a lot of different musical styles with Berlin-style ping pong over the years, but this February, with the help of celebrity DJ COSMIC AMANDA (http://quonky.tumblr.com/), we’re taking AMERICAN TRIPPS to the DISCO for the very first time!!! Get ready!

Plus, we’re at Rickshaw Stop again, so be prepared for skeeball and foosball upstairs — and lots of snuggling in their fleet of comfy rickshaws.

RSVP and invite your friends! And then get down to the disco classic “I Like Love” by Norma Jean Wright:

How the city plans to maintain order in the Mission on Super Bowl Sunday

Mayor Ed Lee and SFPD Chief Greg Suhr came to the neighborhood to tell merchants all about their plan. Mission Local reports:

SFPD is doubling the number of officers on the street during the game compared to the force deployed after the World Series, Suhr said.  Rather than wait until the game ends, forces will be pre-deployed during the game along major thoroughfares including Market Street, Hayes Street, 16thStreet, 24th Street and Mission Street.

During the World Series, people put their garbage out and bins were overflowing, offering fuel for bonfires.  This time, officials are working with Department of Public Works to empty cans every hour during the game.

After 5 pm on Sunday, buses will no longer run along transit lines, but use diesel fuel so they can carve alternate routes around celebrations and avoid any crowds blocking the streets.

Can’t wait! Also, a threat:

In a veiled warning to Super Bowl revelers, Chief Suhr said: “Carry yourself as if you’re on television, because somebody is probably be videotaping you.”

“Know that if you’re acting out, someone is going to have a video camera and they’re going to send it to us,” Suhr added. “  Don’t let this be a life-changing experience.” [link]

Well, I for one, I mean, I’ve always wanted to be on TV!

‘San Francisco Street,’ a love song involving a San Francisco street

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Bucket of fried chicken to go, new at Maverick on Mondays (and Super Bowl Sunday)

Four big pieces, plus biscuits and gravy and sides. At an even $25 for the spread, it’s a little pricier than Popeye’s, but good lord the Maverick fried chicken is top notch. Normally this will be available Mondays only, but this week only, in honor of the Super Bowl, they’re doing it Sunday too. Plan ahead.

I also recommend making an awesome sandwich the next day with whatever leftovers you might have:

Do not try this at home

[Photo by Chris W. via Sarah Noel]

How do you spell ‘Dolores’?