Girl on a Bike


Hau_Ab says, “My favorite picture of a girl on a bike EVER.” Link.


Girl on a Bike in Copenhagen

No More Jangly Spanish Jesus Songs

Amid the American Apparel drama earlier this month, the demise of a true Valencia Street institution went somewhat unnoticed (by me anyway). Reader foon this week alerted us to the now old news that El Santo de Israel is no more.

It was a Spanish-language, pro-Jewish Pentecostal church in a little storefront on Valencia near 21st. On Friday nights the congregation gathered and worshiped by way of a gospel jam session courtesy of one downright badass church band.

Oftentimes the jangly tunes issuing from this place sounded a notch more soulful than the boring old indie rock on offer down the block. On my way to or from some show at Amnesia or the Make-Out Room, I’d pass by while this crew were in full swing and wish for a moment somebody’d be out front inviting me in.

El Santo de Israel, we hardly knew ye.

For more, Mission Loc@l runs us through the history of the place and its founders here.

P.S. Really the only problem — aside from the whole organized religion thing if that doesn’t really float your boat — was the harsh overhead lighting. Church people, take a cue from Mission Street Food and Lung Shan, dim those fluorescents, string up some mood lighting, strike up the band, and you could build yourself a young, hip congregation lickety split. The blogs’ll eat it up, people will be lined up around the block to come in and praise holy things!

Photo by judgmentalist.

The Are-You-Kidding-Me Pothole


Either street trolls are after our compost, or somebody really needs to call 311.

But all you really need to know is, Sexpigeon rules.

Every Now and Then I Have to Have Some Drugs (Video)

Agile Mobile Hostile screens at 7pm tonight at ATA as part of the Noise Pop Film Festival.


The Black Godfather

Copenhagen Bike Lanes

I’m not trying to get all Streetsblog on everybody, but I spent all afternoon writing about Copenhagen, and I almost got hit by a car yesterday probably because of San Francisco’s insufficient network of bike lanes, and today I got honked at repeatedly because some motorist couldn’t handle that I was taking up part of their lane with my slow little bicycle — and then I saw this photo by Zakkaliciousness. Wouldn’t it be nice.

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Retraction: Not Three Kinds of Wings, One Kind of Wings TRIPLE FRIED

Family Styles has a gorgeous photographic recap of the food at the food writing panel at 826 Valencia the other night, and they report that my Three Kinds of Wings report was erroneous. In fact, there was but one kind of wings, but they were triple fried. Link.

Mei is also working on some sort of lengthy meditation on the ideas brought up during the discussion, but for now there’s also this.

Also, the Mission Street Food Saturday menu is up and WINGS ARE ON IT. Also, a good number of vegetarian options.

Big Corporate Lou Reed All Over The Valencia Street Art Wall

This is the first time I’ve seen advertising on the Valencia Street Art Wall. I’m torn, because it’s pretty badass.

Okay, okay, so Supreme is a big multinational brand. But look at Lou’s arms! And I mean, Lou Reed is basically a big multinational brand too, and we all love him, right?

Where do we stand, y’all? What is art? If I drink too much tonight and make some art all over my shoes and no one is there to brand it, is it still art?

Click pic to view Lou’s arms HUGE.

Update: TriniDad says

And you can even buy a t-shirt of the same image: How very meta!

The Future of Journalism in San Francisco


C.W. Nevius is like, “Harrumph harrumph harrumph,” and I’m all, “Sorry, busy aggregating,” and then Eve Batey says some stuff that makes us all feel better. Link.

Attention Mission District Bands: Free Album Cover Idea

Let the bidding war for usage rights to this photo by sfgirlbybay begin!

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Three Kinds of Wings

Yesterday we published a reminder about the food writing seminar tonight hosted by 826 Valencia and Chris from Plebiscite and Mission Street Food.

In the comments section, Karen from Mission Street Food added that Anthony from Mission Street Food will be doing the food for the event. What’s on the menu? “[T]hree kinds of wings!”