Aid Japan by buying local art

[via Bay Area Artists for Japan]

Art opening tonight features collages by Matt Gonzalez

Does anybody in this neighborhood even remember Matt Gonzalez anymore? He was all we talked about for one three-month period most of a decade ago.

In any case, he’s a lawyer and political figure and stuff, but he also makes collages with found scraps. We saw some of it a couple years back. Good stuff!

Tonight at 6:30 is the opening of a new show at a.Muse called Scissors vs. Brush: Collage by Matt Gonzalez/Paintings by Tom Schultz. Full press release after the jump:


Free burgers right now!

In honor of today being dubbed “Super Duper Day” by Mayor Ed Lee, Super Duper Burgers is giving away FREE BURGERS from 2-3pm at their spot on 16th and Market.

Eater SF has more details here.


[Photo by Lydia Chow]

There’s some fuckwad been yelling on Clarion for the past half-hour

And Cranky Old Mission Guy is seriously thinking about calling the cops.

What gives?

Celebrate the royal wedding with Humphry Slocombe’s special England-themed ice cream menu

I was hoping for a bacon sarnie.

[via Humphry Slocombe on Twitter]

Braves fans so pumped about beating the Giants they are now shattering your preconceived notions about the South and young black men on the subway

If only their coach was as comfortable with his sexuality as their fans.

[Photo by Ann, recently transplanted to SF from Atlanta]

UPDATE: I’ve been duped. Apparently this was a meme last year. Great pic in any case.

South African Surgeon General’s warning is spooky

Our buddy Zoë Banks just got back from Africa. This was apparently one of the highlights of her trip.

“DON’T DRINK AND WALK ON THE ROAD, YOU MAY BE KILLED.” It’s poetry. (I mean it must be, since it’s a comma splice, right?)


Super big gay dance party

If you’ve never experienced the magic that is Hard French, the wildly irreverent courtyard party thrown at El Rio on Saturdays, then you clearly aren’t doing this whole “livin’ in the Mission” thing right.  Luckily, this Saturday is your big chance to ameliorate that transgression, as Hard French is teaming up with Stay Gold and Mango to throw the most hella gay dance party afternoon of the year (so far) from 3-8pm.  Not only will there be rad jams and most likely a glitter kiddie pool, but your admission ($7-500 sliding scale) will help save the Dyke March which is in danger of being cancelled this year (and possibly forever) due to serious financial difficulties.  Check out all the deets here.

You’ve been warned, so don’t screw it up this time.

[Photo by Primo]

Mission working girls read SF Weekly

Yep. I was walking down 19th Street earlier, crossed Capp, passed a couple of working girls. Here’s what one shouted to the other as they were parting ways:


I hope Sara remembered. (I’m guessing on the spelling there, but the no-H thing just seems right. No judgement.) I wonder if they’re real into Matt Smith, or Dan Savage, or maybe the concert listings?

The point of this post is, I had no idea anyone read SF Weekly.

There’s going to be a big-ass Hendrick’s Gin ad on the side of Beauty Bar tomorrow morning

But I bet all you anti-graffiti trolls are fine with it since it’s a big corporate-sanctioned corporate eyesore on a big privately owned owned thing.

I’m kidding mostly. Particularly if Hendrick’s is interested in sponsoring a popular hyperlocal blog or something.