California Sunshine returns

It’s been a while since we heard from California Sunshine. Their epic single “Cover Me in Diamonds” was one of our picks for Summer Jamz 2010, but to my knowledge they performed in the neighborhood since their debut early last year. (They did make a brief appearance over winter break explaining why the holidays are great.)

Well, now they’re back. Last night, Mission Mission on Tumblr premiered a new California Sunshine song, calling it “an understated new party jam.” And that it is. I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot of it all summer, as parties wind down and couples start pairing off. Without further ado, here is “Whatever it Takes”:

WHATEVER IT TAKES – California Sunshine

Killer cut! Can’t wait to see how it looks live — California Sunshine is headlining a show this Sunday at the Knockout! Show at 10pm, also starring Pamela and Will Ivy. RSVP and invite your friends here.

[Photo courtesy of California Sunshine]

Local news

This week on Necessary Conversation, my favorite local newscast, Beth and Melissa open with a bit about Girafa and San Jose!

They also give us a rundown of all the SF mayoral hopefuls, and Beth tells us about being stereotyped on her recent trip to New York. Watch now:

Commie Oddfellow

Right? All of a sudden he’s got a Fidel Castro thing going on. I like this new look for spring.

[Photo by Penelope Popsicle]

Young love on Muni

Whoa! Last week at Muni Diaries Live, our very own Ariel Dovas told the story of his first kiss (and the epic romance surrounding it). It’s pretty great. You’re welcome, Muni Diaries.

Watch it now:

Rad dog is a ‘Friday’ fan

When I saw an email in my box titled “Rad dog quotes ‘Friday’ on Friday,” I was like, “Finally! Some Rebecca Black love in the MIssion!” But, alas, we’re talking about a different Friday. We all love this one too though, so it’s all good.

Reader Pete M., who snapped the pic, writes:

Saw this at 15th / Valencia this morning on one of those green utility boxes on the sidewalk.  One of the best monologues from one of the best movies…ever.

Thanks, Pete!

Windy city

Guy walks into Pushbike, looking a little windblownt. Shopgirl Tara asks, “Getting blown around a bit out there?” Guy confirms, in earnest:


Ho-ho-ho! (Then he bought some some shoes I think.)

Leonard Cohen in the Mission again?

Last time, he was just walking around taking cellphone pics. This time, it looks like he’s decided to leave his mark:

Nice work, Leonard!

[Photo by reader Brian P.]

Ti Couz might become a Quizno’s?!?!

Not exactly, but kinda. In any case, you’ve gotta love Laura Beck’s formidable blogging abilities.

First the Eagle, now Kitsch

Night Fog Reader (written by Kitsch Gallery insiders) has the scoop:

Kitsch Gallery (at 17th and Capp Street) will shut down at the end of May. The skinny is that the owner won’t renew the collective’s lease. Negotiations were held regarding the timing of the lease, but an agreeable situation was out of the question. We are all saddened by this outcome, but the good news is that Kitsch will not quietly disappear. The month of May will be very special. Planned are four final events to share with our friends and community.

Well, that’s somewhat heartening I suppose, but where are we all gonna hang out come the end of May? Read on.

DJ Purple crushes ‘Careless Whisper’ at Ultimate Karaoke Dance Party

dj purple, san francisco, music, karaoke, makeout room, saxaphone, careless whispers

This week master-class Karaoke MC DJ Purple lit up the stage at the Make-Out Room with a pulse-pounding rendition of ‘Careless Whisper’ that could have sent Sexy Sax Man packing. He’ll be kicking off another edition of Ultimate Karaoke Dance Party tonight at 10pm at Jack’s Club, so if you’ve been perfecting your George Michael croon head on down and he’ll kick it up to 11.