How NOT to connect with the workers of your local taqueria

Our pal Teddy witnessed the following scene (not pictured):

At the taqueria…

Customer: Are you all from Mexico?

Counter lady: Yes except him, he’s from El Salvador

Customer: You know, Mexico is the only Hispanic country I haven’t been to. I’ve been to (proceeds to list all the countries).

…Dude, is this how you “connect”? By announcing the places you’ve traveled to, to these working class people who don’t have the privileges you possess in this country? Maybe you don’t know any better but next time, just leave a fat tip and enjoy your burrito.

So, how do you connect with your friendly burrito crafters?

[Photo via Mission Burrito Book]

Bandana bro brigade


What sort of mischief might this trio be up to? Whatever they encounter, at least they can count on Hummer support for backup.

This is going to be the best weekend EVER

A favorable confluence of factors will be conspiring to make this weekend possibly the best that the city of San Francisco has ever seen.  Where should I begin?  We’ve got a full schedule of Pride events, all of which should be extra fabulously festive since the Supreme Court finally came to their senses and struck down the dishonorable Defense of Marriage Act (leading to one of the best New Yorker covers of all time).

And!  As you can see above, this will all be happening under some of the best weather we ever get over here, so expect to wear shorts and t-shirts THE ENTIRE WEEKEND.  Yes, even at midnight.  Seriously, if you can’t find something amazingly fun to do this weekend, you are totally blowing it.

Vogue’s hipster guide to San Francisco

It’s hard to tell whether or not the author is just trolling all of us:

Morning yoga in the Mission district followed by frangipane croissant and a cappuccino at Tartine Bakery, watching the hipsters heading to Dolores Park for a day of sunshine snoozing — and another perfect San Francisco weekend has begun.

I don’t even know anymore, so you might as well just go read it yourself.

[Photo via Vogue, also on SFist]

Great way to cool off on a sweltering day like today

Head for Shotwell Street and let the SFFD hose you down:

Drink of the Week: pouring the end of your bloody mary into your beer

It’s Friday you guys! That fog’s gonna burn right off, so tell your boss you’ve got a dentist appointment at 2 (after which you’re going to work from home), head to the park, and hope you don’t get Instagrammed! Because your boss is also on Instagram!

Cruise past all those maustachioed service workers, bully skaters, nerdbombers who make triple your salary, nerdbombers who go to S.F. State, grannies, screaming kids, crack zombies, hobos, and middle-aged tourists because this weekend is about YOU having a GOOD TIME and not giving a FUCK, RIGHT? Sure, people are dying, but you can’t do anything about that right now because you’re kind of a piece of shit! You can barely take care of yourself!

And if you get too drunk tonight, and you wake up thinking your morning is ruined, it’s not! Just get yourself to one of the city’s seven patios, order a bloody mary, drink three quarters of it, pour the rest into your first beer, and say, out loud, to yourself, “Things can only get better from here!”

Drink of the week is brought to you by

That slow, interminable wait for F.S.C. Barber to open

I’m not hating, I’ll be copping the same pose outside of Lee Hong tomorrow.

Party to help create a sustainable Adobe Books this Saturday night!

Despite being one of the most revered community institutions in the neighborhood, Adobe Books has had some rough luck lately, but fortunately there’s a dedicated group of locals who have been working on a plan to ensure that this important resource sticks around:

10 months ago when we heard that Adobe Books was about to be forced out of business by a 4k per month rent increase, we formed a group to try to save it. Adobe has been such an important part of our lives as artists, writers, book lovers, and Mission dwellers — not only for the books, but for the impromptu events and gatherings; the gallery featuring local artists; the discussions, friendships and connections it has nurtured among us; and the generous, welcoming spirit of the place — that we couldn’t see the neighborhood without it.

We hope to create a new Adobe that is everything we love about the old Adobe and more — with a sustainable business plan that can become a model for other efforts like ours to keep culture, the arts, and small businesses alive in our communities. Come see a preview of our new vision this Saturday.

We’ll be hosting some of the Mission’s finest artists and entertainers:
Reading by Marina Lazzara, Chris Carlsson, Maw Shein Win, & Sarah Wishby from 7-8
Music by DJ Carnita (Hard French), 8-10:30
Photo booth by Shot in the City, 8-9:30
Rocky’s Frybread, 8:30-10:30
Snacks generously provided by our friends at Rainbow Grocery
After donation, complimentary drinks provided by Speakeasy, Trumer Pils, and Broadside wine
Participating Pop-ups: Hearth Coffee Roasters, Golden Collective, The Explorist International Records, Second World Farms

RSVP and invite your friends here, and don’t forget to check out the Save Adobe crowdfunding campaign!

[Photo via Fecal Face]

The safest way to hail a cab on Mission St


…is obviously to walk directly down the middle of the street barefoot while cars speed past you in both directions. This way you don’t even have to worry about choosing the most effective side of the street!

Did you lose your keys near 20th and Valencia?

Spotted in front of Borderlands Sunday:

Was it you? If so, I think someone found them and dropped them off at Golden Eagle Market. Don’t get any funny ideas, key collectors.