Punk prank

How to party while traversing the new Bay Bridge

Just look out for those Black Hawks.

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Jonathan Richman only buys one kind of cheese from Rainbow Grocery

And our pal Andreas was more than happy to indulge him:

After 8 years of working at the Rainbow Grocery Co-op Cheese Department it’s finally happened: I got to sell cheese to Jonathan Richman !!! It’s maddening because I see him in the aisles every couple of weeks but he’s always gone by the time I get out there to “front.” Today I finally found out why; he buys one cheese and one cheese only: Redwood Hill Raw Goat Feta.

I was restocking our sample table earlier today when I saw him flitting down the aisle towards me. He moved like a meerkat, making a beeline (meerline?) for the aforementioned feta. I played it cool, continuing to restock and avoid direct eye contact while I used my typical icebreaker: “Finding all your cheese alright today?” Breathlessly, he replied “Oh yeah, I love this stuff! Buy it every week.” “It’s good!” I said, smiling at him for a quick moment.

It would have been and remained a totally mundane encounter if not for the very last second, when he walked away from me and said, under his breath, “One love.”

Of course, this caused everyone to reminisce about their own encounters with Mr. Richman, and by the sound of them, he sounds like quite the guy!

Andrea:  I waited on him at the Egg & I– he was everything I could have imagined and more! I sat & had a smoke with him & he gave me a bunch of comps to first ave. what a guy!!!!!

Jenny:  when I worked in Philly, I did “hospitality” for him. He had $300 for a budget, what did he want? a six pack of non-alcoholic beer and a bottle of water. then he played for me for an hour at sound check. one of my best memories.

Kelly:  I got called down from the break room to help him once. He had watched a show on tv the night before about when “baby cows get to stay with the mommy cows” and he wondered if Parmigiano came from that.

Jonathan Richman, everybody!

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Mission Cliffs spotted in Winter Olympics commercial for Chevrolet featuring same-sex couple

From the Mission Cliffs FB page:

Did you pass the rainy weekend watching the Sochi Olympics?

Then you MUST have noticed the highlight right? No, it wasn’t the triple Salchow, or the Air-to-fakie poptart….

IT WAS YOUR OWN Mission Cliffs Indoor Rock Climbing Gym APPEARING IN A COMMERCIAL! BOOM!

Look out world!

And take that, Putin!  Btw, here’s the commercial:

For 3 days this week, Rainbow Grocery will give 100% of its profits to hurricane relief efforts in the Philippines

Time to stock up on bulk cashews! Nice move, Rainbow Grocery!

New Valencia boutique transforms your baby into a “Punk Princess”

And then when she grows up she can hang out with Ivanka Trump and Jennifer Lopez at a real punk party

The real shame of it all is that this is the former location (Valencia by 20th) of X-21, that rad antique shop that had all sorts of old Hollywood movie set lights and other eclectic mid-century curiosities.  It was forced to close when the owner became sick, thus enabling this type of place to move in.  By far the coolest feature of that shop was the basement, packed to the gills with all the other stuff that couldn’t fit on the ground floor.  If you walked all the way towards the street, you’d find yourself just underneath the sidewalk, with tiny shafts of obfuscated light streaming through those mini glass “skylights” embedded in the sidewalk that you probably never notice as you tread over them (just in case you’ve ever wondered what those were).

Anyway, to see what the current place has in store for your little “Punk Princess,” proceed…


How NOT to connect with the workers of your local taqueria

Our pal Teddy witnessed the following scene (not pictured):

At the taqueria…

Customer: Are you all from Mexico?

Counter lady: Yes except him, he’s from El Salvador

Customer: You know, Mexico is the only Hispanic country I haven’t been to. I’ve been to (proceeds to list all the countries).

…Dude, is this how you “connect”? By announcing the places you’ve traveled to, to these working class people who don’t have the privileges you possess in this country? Maybe you don’t know any better but next time, just leave a fat tip and enjoy your burrito.

So, how do you connect with your friendly burrito crafters?

[Photo via Mission Burrito Book]

Bandana bro brigade


What sort of mischief might this trio be up to? Whatever they encounter, at least they can count on Hummer support for backup.

This is going to be the best weekend EVER

A favorable confluence of factors will be conspiring to make this weekend possibly the best that the city of San Francisco has ever seen.  Where should I begin?  We’ve got a full schedule of Pride events, all of which should be extra fabulously festive since the Supreme Court finally came to their senses and struck down the dishonorable Defense of Marriage Act (leading to one of the best New Yorker covers of all time).

And!  As you can see above, this will all be happening under some of the best weather we ever get over here, so expect to wear shorts and t-shirts THE ENTIRE WEEKEND.  Yes, even at midnight.  Seriously, if you can’t find something amazingly fun to do this weekend, you are totally blowing it.

Vogue’s hipster guide to San Francisco

It’s hard to tell whether or not the author is just trolling all of us:

Morning yoga in the Mission district followed by frangipane croissant and a cappuccino at Tartine Bakery, watching the hipsters heading to Dolores Park for a day of sunshine snoozing — and another perfect San Francisco weekend has begun.

I don’t even know anymore, so you might as well just go read it yourself.

[Photo via Vogue, also on SFist]