Local’s Corner guy admits maybe calling it Local’s Corner was a mistake

San Francisco Magazine (part of the Modern Luxury publishing family) just put up a lengthy piece on the plight of the Mission-based “Local” business empire, which keeps getting picketed and vandalized and everything. The piece is called “Local, Cornered.” Here’s a good bit:

Looking back, Milgrom wonders if his troubles might have started as soon as he gave his businesses their names. “Maybe we should have made it clearer that our use of ‘local’ isn’t about being local,” he says of Local’s Corner, which he opened in 2012. “It’s about our sourcing. People really, really get riled up, particularly about the possessive s.”

I definitely pat myself on the back every day for not having named this blog “Mission’s Mission.” Read on for lots more quotes from Milgrom and the Flour and Water guy and some other restaurant guys.

[Photo by Less Jokes]

Help Arizmendi fund their parklet!

It looks like Arizmendi got approval from the city to move ahead with their parklet plans on Valencia, and now they’ve started an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the project. In their words:

We, the worker-owners of Arizmendi Valencia care about providing delicious, affordable and unique baked goods to our neighborhood. As a diverse cooperative, we also value community dialogue among folks of varying backgrounds and experiences. In this spirit, we want to build a semi-circular parklet in front of our store to cultivate comfort and connection among our customers.

It also sounds like they’re planning on having the parklet host a rotating mural series, and that they’ve already received interest from neighbor and talented local artist Sirron Norris. As someone who enjoys both delicious baked goods and sunshine, I couldn’t be more excited about bringing these two things together.

Sad blues, punk rock and a jam band; all in a night’s work at El Rio

Last night I passed on my usual kareoke on Wednesdays at El Rio to check out what turned out to be three bands who really had nothing to do with one another. So glad I did though because I saw Vollmer – a blues/country/rock band that looks like the photo above. Real weird group of guys, pretty cool tunes.

Other bands included agro-female-fronted punk group Spider Heart, and classic-jam-band Sad Tires (brought me back to my Vermont days).


The view from San Francisco’s highest point

The longer you live in San Francisco, the more you fall in love with Sutro Tower. It’s visible from almost everywhere in the City, and when the fog comes in it’s like nature’s lava lamp. Here’s a rad picture for everyone that’s ever wondered what the view from the top looks like:

[Photo by Pete Kiehart]

While we’re on the subject, how is it possible that there no webcams of Sutro yet?

What is poop?


Poop is art. If you don’t believe me, just ask the wall of butts at ATA.

Life Tip: Eat more pie (from Chile Pies)

Each week on Roll Over Easy we share life tips, which are simple tips that we think the humans of San Francisco can use to improve their lives a bit, and we’re more than happy to repeat some of these tips here.

Two statements you never hear are, “I just eat pie all the time” and “I was eating this pie the other day and I was so angry”. So this week’s tip is simple: Do yourself a favor and eat a slice of pie. While Mission Pie is obviously the local favorite, I’m confident in saying that the best pie around is the Lemon Butter pie from Chile Pies. Behold, a very delicious pie:

Today’s edition of Your Constantly Changing Neighborhood

First, Hoodline has the renderings of the condos that will replace Flax Art & Design. After years of their wooden guy trying to take down Travelodge, they finally lost the battle. The new condos will pay homage to San Francisco’s rich architectural history and – oh wait, it’s just another big boxy building.

[via Hoodline]

Next, Uptown Almanac reports that after thirteen years, Therapy’s furniture store on Valencia will close at the end of this month. The landlord increased their rent from $5,700 to $10,500, so, make of that what you will. It’s hard to remain shocked at this point.

[UPDATE: Image by Google Streetview inserted to clarify that the furniture store, on the left, is closing, while the clothing store is remaining open]

From UA:

In conversation, Whelan mentioned that he was never late on rent, and that there is simply “more demand for [Valencia Street] than there is Valencia.” Whelan believes that with the average “consumer on Valencia Street [being] a hyper-affluent tech person,” a Valencia Street store “becomes a billboard to promote [a company’s] brand.” The outrageous rent paid simply becomes another line item in a company’s marketing budget.

You know, like Times Square or something. Cool. Awesome. Love it. I’m sorry, I’m trying not to be so negative. But this neighborhood is being smothered by a huge pile of money. Speaking of money, you can save some by taking advantage of Therapy’s clearance sale!


There are about 500 bars in town, which means that there are about 10 birthdays a week. This past Monday, Kilowatt had it’s 20th birthday, reverting back to 1994 pricing and attitude.

I mean, everyone was super chill, there were a multitude of tasty beers and a steady stream of tunes from the 19nineties. Most beers were $3 and pool was 25¢, meaning that $10 could buy two beers, a congratulatory shot for the bartender, then a game of play with a quarter you found. Also, this totally happened at the table.

So, what do you think about wishing your favorite bar down the street a happy birthday? It’s probably soon.

I mean, Racer 5 for $3 is excellent

[Thanks @ckchew]

Goat tote


It’s not everyday that you see a guy with a billy goat beard toting a lifelike goat (with a billy goat beard). Also, that’s a lot of strollers.

Toddler carrying mannequin legs down Valencia

While not quite as mesmerizing as Helen’s iconic “Toddler dragging a saw,” this little guy’s still got loads of panache.  Let’s just hope that he doesn’t settle for Nizario’s cardboard fare and instead treks just a few doors down to Arinell so he can enjoy the best slice of pizza in the city.

UPDATE!!! Helen is way better at headlines than me.  Here’s her glorious take on the situation:

“Toddler dragging saw grows up, saws off some woman’s legs”

[Photo by Zach]