This discarded office chair is a hot mess

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The Spice Jar now open in former Local’s Corner space 

and here is the menu: 
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Someone lit the Galeria de la Raza mural on fire last night 

Got a message from our pal Megan late last night:

breaking news: someone lit the Galeria de la Raza mural on fire tonight (which comes right after they re-put it up when it got defaced)


SF Gate has more reporting on the history of this mural and all the times it’s been defaced here.

[Photo by Chris Klink]

In case you missed it, Dolores Park was MADNESS over the weekend

(Just click on that panorama a couple times to make it bigger.)

Drama Talk & Drinks Preview: Moments From The Bubble, Or: How The [Google] Bus Stops Here.

Normally DT&D tries to take the guess work out of going to theatre in the Bay Area by providing brutally honest reviews of the shows we see. But we also don’t want you to miss out on what might be a very cool show, just because we haven’t had the chance to review it yet!

With only a two day run of Moments From The Bubble, Or: How The [Google] Bus Stops Here, a playwright-driven community action project created in collaboration with Z Space and the 1 Minute Play Festival, there’s no way we’d be able to review show before the run is over. Given what is currently happening in San Francisco (and even more rapidly the Mission), we thought you might want to see it anyway without our official endorsement.  To help inform your decision here are more details from the event description:

The drastic changes happening to the neighborhoods and communities in the Bay Area is quite staggering. I don’t think the national zeitgeist quite understands what’s happening here. San Francisco is becoming the most expensive city in the world, and it’s at the expense of everyone and everything that makes is special”, says 1MPF Producing Artistic Director, Dominic D’Andrea. Stressing that the work is designed a social “barometer” project to unearth connections in the zeitgeist via themes, ideas, and trends, D’Andrea says, “When we did our annual festival in partnership with playwrights foundation over the past two years, the topic of gentrification was so charged, so present, so immense, that we decided to come back to make an entire other project dedicated to digging into these topics, and what it means for the community. This is our artistic response to what’s happening. It’s part play festival, and part community action.

If that sounds as interesting to you as it did to us, you can check out Moments From The Bubble, Or: How The [Google] Bus Stops Here, this Saturday June 27th at 8PM and Sunday June 28th at 3PM and 7:30PM at Z Below (470 Florida Ave).  Tickets are $20 and available for purchase at

We’re going Saturday night, so if you see us, say “hi!” Or if that’s too weird, just let us know what you thought of the show in the comments. Hope to see you at the theatre!

Also RIGHT NOW is your last chance to enjoy Dolores Park’s south side before it gets fenced off for a very long time

The fences are going up as we speak…






Life in the Mission

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The nice folks at Dolores Parks Works just told us the news!

There’s a party to celebrate:

Mark your calendrrrs!!!!

UPDATE: I mean…