Large, intentionally messy game of Twister coming to Dolores Park next weekend

Next Saturday Sunday, Dolores Park will get a big, messy game of Twister involving paint, water balloons and a group of folks looking to check something whimsical off their bucket list.


“Fair warning” to hipsters and yuppies

A new tag on Samy’s Liquors at 24th and Bryant makes some pretty clear threats to a couple broad swaths of people. It instructs to kill hipsters and yuppies, two hard to define groups that were often derided among taggers in the last decade, but makes no mention of techies, the neighborhood slur du jour.

This is my fair warning to the hipsters + the yuppies!!
Get the [fuck?] Up Out the MISSION!! Before this [shit?] starts getting UGLY!!
you got 6 Months, Keep it Kickin!! If you don’t, it won’t be funny!
I Guarantee my Soldiers will GLADLY Come Out GUNNIN!!

There is an 80s action hero living in Bernal Heights


You can tell by those rad laser parallelogram decals and that sweet teardrop window:


If the A-Team ever gets back together, that’d make a mighty fine ride! And if the situation calls for a bit more maneuverability, he’s got you covered too:


If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe . . . you can finally pick up that antique secretary desk you found on Craigslist.

Anchor your anchor

Time for another roundup of curious things we’ve seen locked to bike racks:

And remember, everyone:

Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope. -Epictetus

[via Less Jokes]

Ellis Acting a 98 year old

Another week, another use of the Ellis Act to evict long time SF residents. 98 year old Mary Phillips has lived on Dolores Street for 50 years, and she’s now being told that she has to leave by her landlord, a real estate company called Urban Green Investments. According to KRON 4, when she heard the news, Mary said “I didn’t sit down and cry, I just refused to believe it. They’re going to have to take me out of here feet first.” She says that she has never been late on her rent and has nowhere else to go. Heartbreaking. This is really where we’re at.

Way back in DotCom1 when my single mom and I were illegally evicted from our Dolores Street apartment, the Tenants Union was a big help. You can become a member or donate to them on their site.

UPDATE: According to Business Insider, Urban Green has released a statement revealing that they will allow Mary Phillips to remain in her apartment for the rest of her life, rent free.

“Contrary to recent reports, we have always planned to provide for Mary in this way,” said McCloskey. “We have made no comment about Ms. Phillips’ situation to this date as we have been negotiating with her attorney in good faith, but the recent media reports have made today’s comment necessary in order to clarify the facts.”

UPDATE 2: According to some, the deal that McCloskey wrote to Business Insider about was never acceptable to Phillips. The larger issue for her may be that her caregiver, Sarah Brandt, is still being evicted, making the living situation too unsafe for Phillips to remain. Though I’m seeing conflicting takes on who’s offering what and when they offered it. More on Brandt and her relationship with Phillips here.

They say a car loses half of its value the moment it’s driven off the dealer’s lot


Looks like these folks took that just a little too seriously…

You’re aware that Ronnie Spector (of the Ronettes, yes) is playing in the Mission this weekend, right?

Here’s more info, not that it should matter:

Featuring M.C. Peaches Christ & DJ Carnita
And Special Guests!
Milk N’ Cookies, NOBUNNY, Sloths, Harold Ray
Sat, July 5, 2014
Doors: 9:00 pm
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
San Francisco, CA

RSVP and invite your friends! Get tickets here while you still can.

P.S. She’s also playing in Oakland at Burger Boogaloo in Mosswood Park — along with Reigning Sound, the Phantom Surfers, Shannon and the Clams, Nobunny, the Bananas, and more. Burger Boogaloo is super fun:

What’s your favorite Beatles song?

Feel free to select from this handy list inside the jukebox at Taqueria San Jose:

Not pictured:

  • While My Guitar Gently Sweeps
  • Eleanor Pigby
  • Back in the K.K.K.
  • In My Wife
  • She Came All Over the Bathroom Window
  • Ass Onion
  • Frig a Pony
  • I Am the Porpoise
  • I Want to Hold Your Gland
  • I Saw Her Standing Bare
  • Revolution 6

[via @blickblondhi]

P.S. …



We Built This City spotted this dude on 17th and Mission today.


Happy Father’s Day, cool dads!

To celebrate, let’s take a look back at our famous “Cool Dads” post from 5 years ago. Here it is, along with its star-studded comments section:

Cool Dads

Posted Feb 16, 2009 at 2:33 am by Allan Hough
Categories: Fashion

Hipster-related comment of the week, courtesy of Aaron Mayfield-Sunshine:

hipsters cannot be 30 or 40 something. 32 is the max! after that you become a cool dad.



“Cool Kid” not “Hipster”

7 Responses to “Cool Dads”

  1. ct says:

    Our first child is due 2 days before my 32nd birthday. So, uh, apparently.

  2. zinzin says:

    i waited till i was 38. what happened to me in the middle there? 6 years in stereotype limbo. explains some things….

  3. kiya says:

    This means i’ve got exactly 7 months left before i’m not longer a hipster?
    How can i become a “cool dad” without any children?

  4. zinzin says:

    you can borrow mine for an afternoon if you like. prefers organic fruit, listens to the ramones, likes to draw pictures. makes for a pleasant time….

  5. johnny0 says:

    So does your kid actually have to be able to indicate you are a cool dad with words, or does a 6 month old’s giant giggling smile suffice?

  6. johnny0 says:

    zinzin, I like that idea — we can trick the aging hipsters into providing us cool dads with child care…

  7. johnny0 says:

    I am saddened by the lack of “cool dad” references in this story.

    Cool dads are the only way new hipsters get created. We are the future!