Let’s all just pretend we’re in Dolores Park for minute and look at the view take a deep breath and say TGIF and feel real good

Everything’s gonna be alright.

[Photo by Andy, via It's Always Sunny in San Francisco]

Halloween highlight: The footwear on this Andrew W.K. trio

Pitch perfect!

But so far the MUNIS are safe



This intersection wasn’t on fire 20 minutes ago


But it’s on fire now.

Is it really 20 degrees hotter in the Outer Sunset than in the Mission right now?


Something about this seems real fishy. Also, I’ve lately been quite obsessed with SF Climates!

Way back when I was first looking for a place to live in SF, I happened upon this charming in-law apartment in the Outer Sunset. It had everything I needed, and the sweet old lady landlord seemed nice enough, although she did keep making references to these “crazy parties” she would periodically throw.

As we stood together in the bright, sunny backyard, I remarked about how beautiful a day it was, and innocently asked whether it was often like this. With a deep sigh, she said:

You seem really nice, so I just can’t lie to you. It’s probably this nice here only about 5 days a year.

Disappointed, I left and started looking for places in the Mission. But! Perhaps I was just 8 years too early?

Visual aid for climate change

As seen outside of BARF this weekend:

Welcome to the new St. Luke’s

The complete rebuild of St. Luke’s on Cesar Chavez and Valencia is about to begin, and the snazzy new website has some renderings of what the new buildings will look like once they’re complete. While getting rid of St. Luke’s remarkably bland corner building is obviously a huge win, the best part is that the hospital will be able to serve more people and will actually make it through an earthquake. From the project’s website:

The Replacement Hospital at the St. Luke’s Campus, wrapped by an urban oasis, will provide 120 patient beds in a 215,000 square foot acute healthcare facility in the Mission District of San Francisco. Achieving LEED certification, the campus will champion sustainability and efficient patient treatment. The modernized campus will also be able to withstand and remain in operation after a strong earthquake. CPMC 2020 aims to transform the St. Luke’s Campus into the hospital of choice for the southern sector of San Francisco.

More pictures and some history, after the jump:


Who likes free music?

I do! Last night I checked out local crooning singer-songwriter DonCat at the Chapel Bar for free. It’s a tucked away stage with only a few prime seats for real listening, but great if you’re just wanting an atmosphere to have a drink and listen to some pleasant background tunes. Either way, you can’t really go wrong. And if you hate it, you can leave – no dollars lost!

Next free shows in the Chapel Bar:

Tue, Sep 23: Cello Joe

Tue, Sep 30: Local Label Series feat. Do Not Disturb Records artist FRONDS

Hopefully more to come soon.

Today was opening day for the new Alite Outpost!

Alite, your local badass outdoor company recently outgrew it’s showroom/store/office at Mariposa & Hampshire and moved it’s retail shop to a new space off of Mission St. at 3376 18th St. The space currently showcases all of Alite’s gear along with that of it’s sister company, Boreas, plus a small art gallery. Within a month (hopefully) they should have a small cafe up and running as well, which will be a convenient place for outdoor amateurs (like myself) to chat it up with the staff about the Bay’s numerous camping spots.

More pictures, plus an important camping related Life Tip after the jump:


I can’t stop looking at this 1971 panorama from the top of the Bay Bridge

Seriously, there is so much to explore in this photo. The Embarcadero Freeway, The rise of the Transamerica Pyramid, A lonely Twin Peaks with no Sutro Tower, the railyards of Mission Bay and much more!

[Photo by Bruce Steinberg via Brad Templeton]