Hot new look for (Indian) summer: not being pregnant

Looks like someone had a good reason to celebrate at Dolores Park this past weekend.

[picture/title/caption via reader Adam (we are officially obsolete)]

Dolores Park Strip Miming

In America’s desperate search for rare earth elements, no site is left unturned.


That, or #burningmanrapture.

The “strip miming” typo was so unfortunate I had to share it with you all. I don’t even know how that would work. Naked with white paint? Peeling off imaginary clothes? Etymology over on Twitter:

And here’s a panorama for posterity’s sake.


Prehistoric beast spotted in Dolores Park

It’s a lovely day for a thunder lizard to laze upon the lawn. Get thee to the park!

Second and third best ways to find someone in Dolores Park

“I’m on the boy’s bathroom side, holding up a unicorn hand puppet!”

Surprisingly, this is not the first time someone used unicorns to mark her territory in the park. Remember this one?

If you don’t have a unicorn hand puppet, what the hell is wrong with you? I guess you could always hold one of these into the air, too:

Then I suppose after that you could play beer pong while listening to Bob Marley’s Legend.

Mission poster

Adrian Covert‘s awesome depiction of the Mission, with your favorite park highlighted. I’ve spent a lot of time drawing and painting the fronts of these buildings, but I like that in this piece most of the real buildings represented are depicted instead by their rooftops.

You can pick up prints at Fayes Video or Serendipity.

Tough crowd for Dolores Park piano man

Hey drunk dude, we get it, you’re not a fan of Ben E. King. That’s no reason to crush yourself with a piano. There’s plenty left to live for.

Dolores Park renovation threatens to remove bike polo courts

Katie over at Refinery 29 says a “source close to the project” revealed that the bike polo courts (AKA “tennis courts”) might be removed as part of the Dolores Park renovation. And just what do they propose to put in its place? A dog park, where your respective pit bulls and yorkshire terriers can frolic and socialize in perfect harmony.

Not sure of the validity of the claim, but true to San Francisco form, there is already a petition about it, so go sign that if you hate dogs and love bike polo (or tennis).

In other news, Mission Mission is now considering starting a petition to install outdoor ping pong tables in the “fruit shelf” area of the park. Stay tuned.

[via Refinery 29]

A Sunday Afternoon in Delores [sic] Park – Georges Seurat, 2011

[via reader Beebe]

Fences up at Dolores Park

They said they would, and now they did.  These pictures don’t necessarily address the scope of the area covered, but they give you and idea of what the park will look like for the next few months.


Granny fashion

Fashionist featured this incredible grandma-influenced–err–grandma-inherited ensemble. The authenticity of this ‘fit goes as far as the underwear, though there are no shots of that, you dog.

Do you think your grandkids will be sporting our your neon fake Ray Bans, 40-year unwashed denim, V-neck T’s, and crusty Keds? Only time will tell.

[via Fashionist]