La Cumbre Taqueria: Awful Carne Asada, Great Visuals

If you like dryness and gristle, you’ll love the carne asada at La Cumbre. If you don’t like dryness and gristle, surely you can at least agree that their furniture is more fun than the boring stuff at most of the neighborhood’s taquerias.

If that’s not enough, be sure to relish the joy to be had in La Cumbre’s collection of odd photos lining the wall. Here’s my favorite. It reads, “To Eddie, Thanks for the great BURRITOS!” and seems to be from some kind of celebrity organist.

Finally, the graffiti in the bathroom at La Cumbre is pretty nice too. Whimsical, colorful, fun. Thanks, Sad Jose!

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Affordable Engagement Rings for Sale in Gumball Machines at La Taqueria

Just 25¢ apiece!

La Taqueria on Yelp.

Coulrophobia aka Clown Phobia

I had never really found clowns particularly scary until I saw this charmer at Carnaval this past weekend. On the surface she seems nice, making sweet balloon animals for the kids (notice that monkey in the front row). But the demonic gleam in her eye in the photo above hints towards a darker side:

It might just be me, but the lilting incantations coupled with the oddly unrhymed phrases is more than a little bit creepy.

Even if JJ wasn’t frightened, I was.

The Mission from 3000 Feet

Over at WHATIMSEEING, Plug1 published this gorgeous aerial shot, featuring my favorite neighborhood. Link.

Ping Pong at Mission Pool?

Walked past the Mission Playground and Pool today, and heard ping pong coming from inside the pool building. Was in a hurry, couldn’t investigate. Can anybody go in there and play, or was it some kind of exclusive after-school program?

Weird Fish: Home of Brace-Face-Friendly Cuisine

Emily at Now, Tastes More Like Real Life just got braces and seems to be having an interesting time finding acceptable stuff to eat in the neighborhood. Weird Fish was a hit:

[W]e ordered clam chowder, tortilla soup, blackened catfish with sauteed spinach and pureed yams, and fish cakes. It was pretty hilarious. Kevin ate the tortillas from the soup and we mashed the oyster crackers deep into the chowder to make them soggy. The coleslaw, unfortunately, was all him. But the peanut butter cream pie…

Sounds good. Keep us informed, Em. Link.

CONTEST: Win Tickets to Jonathan Richman at the Make-Out Room!

Jonathan Richman and drummer Tommy Larkins are doing four nights in a row at the Make-Out Room next month (June 16, 17, 18 and 19). The club has partnered with Mission Mission to offer some free tickets to our readers. We’ve got a pair for each evening. To enter, email us at missionmissionmission [at symbol] gmail [dot symbol] com and explain why you deserve to go. Please also indicate which date you’d most like to attend.

Winners will be decided based on strength of argument, creativity, and maybe some other criteria too. We’ll notify winners ASAP, and winning entries will be posted on the morning of the performance for which it wins tickets.

Photo of Jonathan and Tommy at the Make-Out Room by miscellania

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'Hipster' 'Douchebag' 'Mission District'

Please people, can we stop using these generic words to describe the people who visit/inhabit the Mission? It’s really annoying.


What’s Happened to San Francisco? (mission district)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-05-23, 1:38PM PDT

When I moved here 10 years ago the City was full of cool, laid-back, smart, fun people. People who liked to hang out, smoke some bud, and do amazing, creative, productive things. Now it seems it is getting to be like everywhere else. People are all about their careers, making money, how people look, and superficiality. Did the housing market drive people away? Is SF just becoming a mini L.A.? Almost everyone over 30 seem to be boring douchbags or insipid, shallow little bitches. Everyone under 30 seems preoccupied with their “identity” making sure everyone know they’re a “hipster” or whatever.

Link, or click thumbnail for screen shot.


You stole my messenger bag from delirium. Douchebag. (mission district)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-05-22, 4:13PM PDT

Look douchebag, you stole my bag from delirium last saturday, and unless you really like sweaters, otherpeoples journals, and/ or french philosophy, the only thing of value you got was the bag itslef and my damn ray bans.
Please, keep the bag.
Please, keep the shades.
You can even keep the sweater and the philosophy.

I just want my journal. Please, give me back my journal!
If you have my journal, please email me and I’ll assume you ‘found’ it abandoned a block from delirium after the douchebag who stole my shit looked through my bag and discovered no wallet, cell phone, or ipod.

Just a journal, worthless to everybody on the planet but me.

It’s black, has a bunch of phone numbers on the back page, about half-way full, with some sketches and a black ribbon page marker.


Link, or click thumbnail for screen shot.

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$745,000 Mission District Street Improvement Plan

Transbay Blog reports:

The plan draws on a well-documented array of features to improve Mission District streets, including: curb bulbs to narrow the width of pedestrian crossings and to slow auto traffic at intersections; improved transit and bicycle amenities; ample and accessible sidewalks; and more street lighting and greenery.

The post identifies Chavez Street as a corridor in dire need of retooling, and provides the details of the project’s first public workshop, which is tonight at Chavez Elementary. Link.

Save Rent Control Poster by Eric Drooker

This sure is a beauty: San Francisco as a bright, shining fortress from which mothers, bums and elderly are booted by the big black wingtip of the elite. It’s a gripping story, told wordlessly in a single panel, by artist Eric Drooker, who is known in part for his wordless graphic novels Flood! and Blood Song, seen here:

Link to, where you can purchase these and lots more, and learn about Drooker’s musical slide show performances, which are amazing too.

Link to No on 98.