Lost Weekend Video Update

Lost Weekend is completely out of Herzog-Kinski t-shirts, and they’re down to only women’s sizes for the Polanski shirt, but they installed a new jukebox yesterday and it sounds good. We browsed for an extra-long time just to listen to tunes.

Better Than Carnaval: Strolling Traffic-Free Mission Street in its Wake

We slept in too late to see the parade, but on our way to Mr. Pickle’s to get sandwiches to eat in the park, we got to walk the parade’s route, which remained closed to traffic well after festivities ended. Crews were cleaning up debris and hosing down the gutters. Click photos to make them bigger.

Colorful Street Art by United Hands City Circus

See the group’s Flickr photostream for other works, and clues about their “fuck private property” aesthetic. Click picture to visit it on Flickr, or visit it in person on 20th Street between Guerrero and Valencia.

Behold the Prize-Winning Meth Story

A few weeks ago, Mission Mission announced a contest. James is the winner, and here is his submission:

I was seeing a meth dealer who also happened to have a thing for collecting mannequins and wedding gowns. While alone in the apartment one day there was a knocking on the door. Since I was a ‘bit’ tweaked, I naturally concluded that it was a cop. That one cop soon became several. Those cops soon became the FBI, and so on. You get the idea. I hastily discarded my clothes.

And then I spent close to twenty hours huddled naked under a wedding dress, holding a mannequin’s legs and trying to suppress my crying as much as possible, fearful that the dogs would tear me apart. I was, of course, terrified about the legal repercussions, but my real fear was what fate would befall me should anything happen to those wedding gowns.

Fortunately, however, my plan worked, and the FBI eventually left.

Congrats, James, and thanks for sharing.

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Maybe the Best Multipanel Sidewalk Stencil Graffiti Ever?

That’s right, to celebrate the announcement that Mayor Newsom is getting married again, it’s a sidewalk-stencil graffiti street-art ode to “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield — starring Newsom and Ruby Rippey Tourk. See all photos and make them bigger here, or visit them in person on 20th Street between Dolores and Guerrero. Best wishes!

Jessie’s Girl on Wikipedia.

Jessie’s Girl on YouTube.

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Guten Tag! Mission Burritos in Berlin!

One of our best friends in the world is German. Her name is Anna. She lived here for a couple years while going to school, but now she’s back in Germany, and she moves to Berlin in the fall. She misses us somewhat I’m sure, but even more than that she misses a good Mission burrito. The other day in the Introduce Yourself section, reader Johnny0 delivered some good news:

Last month I took a German buddy of mine to El Farolito for a burrito. At first he was scared, but now he won’t shut up about it.

Just minutes ago he sent me pictures of a taqueria in Berlin he found — Dolores Burritos. I had to share — check out the map on the wall!

Here it is (click to make large):

Photo page here, includes the exclamation “They carry Anchor Steam and Negra Modelo!” and a link to an article about the establishment’s founders:

Having spent considerable time in California, the two compared notes and decided the city had a burrito gap just crying out to be filled by a fat tortilla stuffed with adobo beef, pinto beans and, yes, guacamole.

It also has nice things to say about the Mission, as well as some insights into how the place is being received by locals. Link.

Finally, I told Anna the news, and here’s what she had to say:

OMG!!!!! oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!! how excietd am i???? sooooo excited!!

Dolores Burritos official site. Thanks, Johnny0!

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Eating at the Counter at Zante's is Pretty Fun

You get to watch the hustle and bustle, and if you order Zante’s “Best Indian Pizza” by the slice, your slice comes out hotter and crisper and more fully loaded than usual. Also, they have Lowenbrau.

Zante’s website.

The Calm and the Storm: Carnaval in the Mission

Junk Thief‘s got some thoughts on Carnaval:

I actually like Carnaval in theory, but not the hassle of having no parking options for two days, noise, drunks from Pleasanton, and noise out my front window before I’m ready to wake Sunday morning.

He also addresses “the calm before the storm” by relating a cute little scene witnessed earlier in a neighborhood corner store. Link.

Requested, 12:45am at Beauty Bar

This drunk white-guy flannel-shirt-and-converse type, after crazed dancing to a whole mess of Barry White, Marvin Gaye, and Al Green, came up to the DJ booth on Wednesday night and asked if I had anything more modern to play. I asked, “Like what? Give me a suggestion”. I think he said some names drunkenly so I couldn’t understand him, but I played it safe and said “No, sorry.” And then he asked …

“Carly Simon?”

Saturday Night Entertainment Option: Doo Doo & Buttholes with Sex Appeal at the Darkroom

Mission Mission fan Justin Lamb, who this press release says is “well read and dashingly handsome”, is performing tomorrow night with a bunch of other local comedians:

Along with the stand up comedy will be beer, strip club critiques, and most likely some heated arguments about Iron Man.

If that sounds good, get tickets here.