Latte Demonspawn

Siiiiiiick! Aren’t you worried that if you pour that imp down your gullet it’ll erode your insides and consume your soul!?!?!? I’d be!!!!!!

Photo by dreamyshade.


Demon Cat

Demon Clown

Demon Ghostbat

Obama Dressed Up As Pikachu

Moreover, he’s running a marathon with an eggplant and a samurai.

(Via our buddy Katherine who’s living in Japan for a bit.)


Milk Carton Obama

Dolores Park Obama

826 Valencia Obama

La Rondalla Gets in on Haiti Relief Efforts

Haiti in need help, now I get it!  For the longest time I thought that said “Haiti W need help.”  Color me insanely stupid.

[Thanks 2 Rachel 4 pic!]

Don't Bum Out that Cigarette–It's a Trap!!!

Be careful when bumming out cigarettes to random strangers!  The SFAppeal Crime Blotter recounts a startling story that could happen to any of us:

10:40 PM: A man was at 21st and Capp when another man reportedly asked him for a cigarette — but that request was, seemingly, a diversion, as another man came up from behind the requestee and knocked him to the ground. The two men allegedly robbed the grounded guy of his cell phone, then fled on foot. The victim’s injuries weren’t serious, and no one’s been arrested.

The only solution seems to be outright scroogery regarding all street tobacco requests, or at the very least only buying hand-rolled from now on.  Wait, are people even bumming cigarettes out to strangers on the streets anymore?  Don’t they cost like 50 cents each or something?

Anyway, I’m excited about SFAppeal Crime Blotter’s new Google Maps mashup.  Very helpful for pinpointing exactly how close violent crime is happening next to you.  Let them know if you like it or think it’s obtrusively unnecessary.

[image courtesy of MissionLoc@l]

Update: Now with more Ackbar!

Santa Barbara Shipwrecks

In Santa Barbara over the weekend I came upon a scene that was like something out of the apocalypse. Waterborne tornadoes had apparently ripped half a dozen sailboats from their offshore moorings and deposited them unceremoniously on the beach, forcing countless joggers to unceremoniously reroute.

I’ve still got The Road on the brain, so I climbed aboard and ransacked their galleys — made off with some choice canned vegetables and a flare gun.

Yep, this one was decidedly different than Mission Mission’s last trip to Santa Barbara. More wreckage after the jump:


So Basically, I'm An Awesome Friend

No big deal, just a picture of someone enjoying an El Farolito quesadilla, right?

Psych! It’s a picture of someone enjoying an El Farolito quesadilla in the East Village, NYC!

You can do it too: On the way to SFO, hop out at 24th St. station. Run into El Farolito and order that quesadilla to go. It’s probably a good idea to avoid the sour cream. Immediately double-ziplock bag it and toss it in your luggage. When you land in NYC 6 hours later, call up your friend and tell her that you’ll be bringing lunch. Don’t worry, as a previous mission resident, the concern of a salmonella infection will be dwarfed by her longing for decent Mexican food*.

Your clothes will smell like carne asada for a week, but the look on her face will be worth it. She’ll give you a big hug and tell you that this was a way better gift than the “Alcatraz Swim Team” T-Shirt you brought last time.

The question is, what can your NYC friend do for you? Imported pizza? Nah, contrary to what they think, we have plenty of good pizza here.

*The “Mexican” food in NYC borders on the terrible. Trust me when I say I wish it were otherwise.

Mission SRO Collaborative Community Event!

My buddy Josh from the Mission SRO collaborative alerted me to a community teach-in and press conference going down tomorrow at Dolores Street Community Services on Valencia between 20th and 21st.  Here’s the what:

San Francisco city officials and low income housing advocates will launch the newly expanded 311 that will benefit the more than 18,000 SRO residents throughout the city.  Formerly utilized mainly for outdoor issues (potholes, graffiti, parks, etc.), 311 has now been expanded to address building issues, such as pests, inadequate heat or water, blocked fire exits and more.  Advocates and city officials will be hitting the streets to get the word out and encourage residents to utilize the new service.

The event kicks off at 9:30 a.m.   District supervisors David Campos and David Chiu will be in attendance, among others.

The Mission SRO Collaborative program is an interesting one, and one whose efforts we’ve been happy to highlight in the past.  The non-profit provides outreach and education to residents of Single Room Occupancy (SRO, duh) hotels in the Mission, of which there are around 50, housing around 2,000 people.

It’s nice to hear there are organizations remedying all the shitty SF homelessness.  Me, I just work for the Internet.  The Internet doesn’t help anyone.

Check it out if at all interested.

"Never ever does this city seem likely. Never at all."

Behold this beauty from Sexpigeon!  M.C. Escher is shitting tessellated bricks right now.

Sexpigeon tells me this is the intersection at the bottom of the whole 1010/Potrero/Chavez/Bayshore mess.  Potrero del Sol is the park pictured.  Gasp.

Mission Minis Shut Down

Daaaaaaang.  Per Eater SF, Mission Minis has been shut down by the health department!

The cupcakery at 22nd/Capp, which opened just a few weeks ago, apparently failed to obtain the necessary permits to stay alive and kicking.  Their Twitter, however (tsk-tsks Eater!), maintains that they’re simply building a new counter.

Both the Mission location and Marina kiosk are now closed.  Looks like you’ll have to go back to eating regular-sized cupcakes.  As if you mind, tubs!

[Photo from magicbeanbuyer]

Tonight: Balkan Brass for Haiti @ El Rio

I know.  You want to do your part for Haiti, but you’ve already stuffed your face to the limit with Bi-Rite bake sale goodies and texted 90999 from your mom’s cellphone at least twenty times.  Well, there’s more!

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief in Haiti is hosting a benefit tonight at El Rio (Mission @ Caesar Chavez) featuring quite a diverse collection of musical performances.  Headlining is Brass Menažeri, a frenetic, cascading rhythm of Serbian, Macedonian, Greek & Rajasthani Roma.

Other acts include the percussive jazzy stylings of Ezra Lipp and Ofir Uzier; Sean Lee with some one-man-banjo old timey twanging; Arthur Adams strumming some Haitian pop guitar (H-Pop>J-Pop?); and of course the Mission’s own La Corde opening everything up with some loud punk rock.  Makes sense, right?

$1 PBR and $2 well drinks!  Determine your own legacy of generosity at the door with a sliding scale that starts at only $5.  The music begins promptly at 8pm.