Recommended Indian summer jam: ‘Fall Swimwear Mix’ by Breezy Nix

Breezy Nix is back with a hot new sound for Indian summer! It’s called Fall Swimwear Mix and you can listen to it right here:

CONTEST: Win tickets to the premiere of new Pulp documentary ‘The Beat Is The Law – Fanfare For The Common People’

Noise Pop and the Roxie are teaming up to present the San Francisco premiere of this hot new doc:

Made with the full co-operation of the band, THE BEAT IS THE LAW: FANFARE FOR THE COMMON PEOPLE brings together original interviews, performances, promos, newly unearthed live footage and home videos to tell the story of Pulp and their contemporaries’ journey from the darkest industrial depths of the Steel City to the pinnacle of pop via the consciousness-raising techno/house of Warp Records.


The Beat Is The Law:
Fanfare For The Common People

Thursday, September 29, 2011
3117 16th Street Street, San Francisco
Tickets here
7:30pm & 9:30pm

To win tickets, post on our Facebook wall a picture of yourself rocking out to “Common People.” A winner will be chosen based on merit and awarded two tickets to the screening of your choice. Contest ends at noon on Thursday.

Dining and architecture and keeping it all local

This is a special report by our pal Jess Stuenkel, a real-life San Francisco architect:

September is Architecture and the City month which means all the architecture geeks like me and non-architecture geeks (likely like you) get a month of seeing, hearing and talking about architecture in the city. Tonight Local Mission Eatery opened its doors for a community dinner and discussion about the restaurants concept and big-picture design process.

The name, Local Mission, couldn’t be more fitting as the restaurant is all about local sourcing and providing for it’s community. All the produce is purchased at local farmers markets daily by Yaron, the business owner, or his business partner Jake des Voignes the exectutive chef. The restaurant even has it’s own little farm outside the city where they raise chickens and grow what they can in the space they have. And they want you to know exactly where it comes from and what they are doing with it.

Here is an excerpt from their about page:

Our mission includes you. We hope you shop at the farmers market, bypass the supermarket, and cook from scratch: Simmer vegetables for your stock, peel tomatoes for your sauce, and roll-out dough for your crackers. We’ll help you. Ask us questions, join our cookbook library, take our cooking labs, stand at the open kitchen and observe.

With these same local and community oriented values they created the space. The architects at atelier KS worked closely with chef Jake des Voignes to provide his optimal cooking environment. The chef got out his work gloves to help build the cabinetry and when builder Sterling Tougas opened up a wall and found old growth redwood slats, the architects detailed them into the ceiling that directs you through the long skinny space. Speaking of locally sourced! The wood that constructs the entryway as well as the long community table came from the building a few doors down which was also under construction. All the tile came from just over the bridge in Sausalito, and the building supplies from Mission lumberyards. All topped off with mural by local screen printer Jon Fischer representing every intersection on 24th St. from Valencia to Vermont.

Yaron stated at dinner, “Owning a piece of the street is a big responsibility, as is employing people and feeding people.” He sees this responsibility to his community the same as his responsibility to his family, and that’s nothing less than good, local food, prepared from scratch for the people.

Also, if you haven’t gotten a chance to participate in Architecture and the City, check out the last few days of events here. The Rem Koolhaas movie on the 28th should be really good and best of all it’s free!

Thanks, Jess!

[Photo by Rahmin Sarahi]

Bullhorn handlebars

Have some old bike parts lying around that you haven’t figured out what to do with? Might I suggest taking a page from Picasso’s book of interior design, and making this sweet bull’s head sculpture? Less creepy than a real animal’s head, and more macho than one of those Paxton Gate plush animal head trophies.

See this piece (and many others) in person at the de Young through October 11th.

Tagging the shit out of a whole goddamned building (FUCK)

Edmundo spotted this building blanketed in a delightful Fruity Pebbles inspired color scheme on 16th and Carolina. Say what you will, that takes some serious time and dedication. That guy is probably still icing his wrist.

Here’s a before shot:


GG points out that this was a promotional party that Sean Parker threw for Spotify. A snip from the SFGate article:

The extravagant setting felt like a throwback to the glory days of the dot-com era. The exterior of the building was covered entirely by professional graffiti artists. Inside, makeshift chandeliers dangled from the converted warehouse roof. There were several open bars stocked with a dizzying array of top-shelf liquor; two roasted whole hogs; a butcher from Parma, Italy, slicing prosciutto; endless trays of sushi; and a veritable mountain of seafood, courtesy of McCalls catering.

I feel dirty now.

Brass Menazeri: balkan brass first Thursdays coming to the Mission

If you think New Orleans is where you’ll find the best brass bands, you might want to take a second look at Southeastern Europe.

Balkan music is high-energy, virtuosic brass/percussion at it’s best and it has been finding it’s way into more American acts. You may have heard the influence in the music coming from that moody New Mexico kid Beirut, who is apparently more popular now than the actual Lebanese city which bares the same name.

San Francisco has its own Balkan Brass band, Brass Menazeri, who have been tearing it up for years. In fact, they are probably one of the only groups of their caliber in the states. Their shows are dancey and fun. Here’s a clip of them on Chasing the Moon.

If you’re into this stuff, starting October they are performing first Thursdays at El Valenciano. You know, that place you always walk by and wonder, “what goes on in there, anyway?”. Turns out, it’s actually a beautiful room with a lot of charm and an excellent dance floor.

Thursday, October 6, 2011 Brass Menazeri – now every first thursday!!!!
1153 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA (United States) – Map
Set: 9:00 PM
Tickets: $5-10

Bubble up and explode

If you’ve lived in California for at least a minute, you know about bubble tea, or boba. In its most basic form, it is a mixture of tea, milk, and a bunch of chewy tapioca balls (boba) that you extract from your cup with a giant plastic straw. Bubble tea originated in Taiwan, where the word “boba” also happens to be slang for boobs.

Our buddy Bin (aka YMFY) is about to launch his new boba tea shop in the heart of the Mission. He and his business partner Andrew plan to offer the traditional black milk tea as well as a few specialty flavors, all made from natural and artisanal ingredients. Last week, Bin gave us a preview of what lies ahead, and things are looking pretty tasty. Starting this week, the Boba Guys will be profiled in GOOD Magazine twice a week, so follow along as they build their shop from the ground up.

Mission Market mural bombed

In all caps, no less.

Bummer, if only this dude used the Revolution Cafe bathroom right around the corner first, he may have decided instead to “study graff. history & go tag a bank.” Guess we’re stuck with this for now.


Aaand it’s back already, according to Mission Community Market, nice going guys!

Bacon-and-egg popsicles sold out quick

Reminds me of those “PB&J” fries in Portland, made with satay sauce and raspberry-jalapeno jam. And those are great, so I bet this popsicle is too. Anybody snag one?

[via We Built This City]

Hot new look for (alleged) Indian summer: Brushing your teeth on the curb after eating a burrito


Even though the general consensus seems to be in favor of bringing meals into bars to enjoy, sometimes it’s too crowded inside to make that a viable option. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for burrito breath before heading inside either (especially if you’re entering the Make Out Room)! Proper oral hygiene is essential anywhere.