Aggressive lawsuits force Cafe Gratitude’s closure

SFist reports:

Terces Engelhart, owner of Café Gratitude, just posted the following announcement on her Facebook page announcing the closure/sale of all Northern California Café Gratitudes locations. According to Englehart, some “aggressive lawsuits” from former employees brought him to the decision to shutter his vegan/cult restaurants.

Read on for the full announcement and further astute commentary from SFist.

[Photo by Google Maps]

Dear Mom crew heroically extinguishes fire at neighboring art studio Fire at Dear Mom on what was supposed to be opening day

Major bummer! Hopefully [I]t was small and they’ll open this evening as planned.

UPDATE: Says Jay of Dear Mom: “The art studio next door had a fire and Oliver and I ran with our best Kurt Russell and 5 fire extinguishers to put out the blaze. Or the little fire. We’ll be kissing babies and signing autographs all night. Open at 5pm.”

(Thanks for the tip, Storts.)

How to keep your tree from falling over

Here’s how the city informs local businesses they’re responsible for cleaning up the graffiti somebody else put on their gate

Here’s the piece in question (of which tipster Carl C. says, “I’d call this art… possibly commissioned”):

Yeah, it’s nice.

(Thanks, Carl.)

Four bikes, two locks

The stakes have been raised once again!  This clever use of geometry takes the previously-featured 2 bikes, 1 lock formula to the next power by exponentially increasing the parties involved.  While not necessarily as efficient as the aforementioned 3 bikes, 1 lock solution, this nonetheless makes for quite the sidewalk spectacle.  Which one gets the grand prize for bike lock ingenuity?  I will leave that to you, gentle reader.

Of course, one thing is for sure:  This is way better than 2 bikes, no locks!  No way I’ll be able to teach any lessons in this case…

[via Corntard]


Two bikes, one lock

Three bikes, one lock

Two bikes, no lock

Window cups

New neighborhood bar Dear Mom opens Tuesday evening at 16th and Harrison

Can’t wait!

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Advertising, now on Mission Mission

Welcome to a new era, everybody. I’d like to thank Helen, Tag and Vic for making sure the implementation of these additions to the site’s design fit in as nicely as possible. I would thank our first sponsor, except I can’t because this first campaign is a mystery campaign. (But thanks, mystery sponsor.) And a very big thanks to Nick P. for helping make this all happen (and if you’d like to advertise on Mission Mission, hit him up at

Lastly, thanks to all you readers for reading all these years, and for bearing with us as we try to make some money (which will then hopefully help us make the site even better).

Time for ‘Christmas in California’

Ash Reiter has been one of our favorite local bands for years now. This holiday season, they’re offering a free download of a new Christmas song. Check it out here.

Mission Mission Gift Guide: Rad shirts by Ryan De La Hoz

Ryan is a local artist who happens to love printing up killer shirts with trippy imagery or weird messages. There are tons to choose from, and they’re all great. Today only, you can get a deep discount if you buy two.