Obama Wins the Presidency!!!

Or rather, that was the last time I have seen so many happy people in the streets.  And now that the World Series will be a battle between Texas and San Francisco, why don’t we also make this about more than just baseball.

For instance, it should settle the Evolution debate once and for all.  If Texas wins, fine, no dinosaurs.  But if SF wins, the Old Testament will henceforth cease to hold any relevance in the education system (or legislature, for that matter).  While we’re at it, why don’t we also throw Gay Marriage in there too!

Go Giants!

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Go Giants! Round Up

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Giants FT3rdW at the Phoenix

This was the scene inside the Phoenix as the Giants won game 4 of the NLCS against those John’s Roast Pork-stuft, Pat’s vs Gino’s-arguing, Tacconelli’s (best pizza in the world) eating, Murray’s Deli frequenting, allegedly always-sunny Philadelphia Phillies.

Kind of reminds me of the scene at the Phoenix during the World Cup when Landon Donavon scored that awesome goal to propel the USA past Algeria in the group stage.

Where are you watching the Giants grab the pennant?

90s Hip Hop Dance Party at Debaser This Saturday

If you haven’t made plans for the weekend yet, they’ve got you covered:

we are going to be doing a big all bay area hip hop night at the knockout this weekend and i’ve probably blown 600 dollars and three months getting ready for it.

its going to be the full range of bay area classics: Mac Dre, E40, RBL Posse, San Quinn, Dru Down, Mac Mall, Master P, the Click, the Whoridas, the Luniz, Too Short, 2pac, Digitial Underground, Spice One, Dre Dog, Keak Da Sneak, Del, Casual, Souls of Mischief, 415, Total Devastation, pretty much anything you can think of.

It’s FREE with a Bay Area Hip Hop T-shirt or any Giants’ gear.  And if you need some Giants’ gear, we’ve got you covered:

Vintage Giants Hat at Afterlife

Giants Converse

How Giants Roll

RSVP to Facebook if you are so inclined.

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Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch Says "Go Giants!"

Before breaking into a spirited rendition of Piazza, New York Catcher, Stuart inquired about our pennant-racing boys in black (and orange):

I don’t know how the game ended up today.  Oh?  It wasn’t good, eh?  Not to worry, we’re bringing it back home 1-1.  That’s how you want it to be, really.

Those Phillies don’t stand a chance.

Where will you be on Tuesday at 4:20?

What the Mission Mission commenters say

SFist weighs in as well


Go Giants!

Dugout Prank

Watching the Giants in the Mission

We’ve got a pennant race on our hands, people.  While the obvious place to catch the Giants in the playoffs is AT&T Park, this is also unfortunately the time when the bandwagon is overflowing with corporate sponsor types and other rich people who often price the true fans (who have been attending almost every regular season game, right guys?) right out of the ballpark.

So where does that leave you?  Well, probably watching the game in some bar with the rest of us plebeians.  The only question that remains is which bar.  The Phoenix is an obvious choice because of its plentiful, large TVs and well-priced, hardy food; but if the turnout for the World Cup earlier this summer was any indication, be prepared to stand up for 9 innings.  Benders also seems like it would be a no-brainer with their delicious kitchen and cheap drinks, but the televisions are at odd angles to watch for any formidable length of time. 

Interestingly, several seemingly knowledgable fans have informed me that Guerrero Street is the place to be for baseball.  Two bars within a block from each other, Elixir and the 500 Club, each have well-situated TVs in addition to that unique San Francisco vibe that makes you feel like you’re not in a sports bar.  Plus, if those places are too packed, the Kilowatt is also right down the street.

Remember, this is the time when San Franciscans need to band together and not worry that giving away the secret location of their favorite spot might cause it to be too crowded for their personal enjoyment.  Sooo, where’s your favorite spot to catch a game?

(Please be careful with the dugout pranks, though)

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